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So for those who don't know what Infinite crown is, it is a fanfic of mine that I've made a year ago. I've been looking at the views and a few of these chapters keep getting over 100 views. Really surprised to see that because my other fanfics didn't go that high until a year or so. Pretty mindblowing because the last chapter of infinite crown was two months ago. That one has 158 views right now. So I'm going to finish the fights in the chapters and make some funny stuff in pokemon. Catch you later guys :D


  An assassin named Li Juan escapes from prison and attempts to kill one of the carnages known as Hajime. Her mind taps in to hungering serpent and gets ready to kill and eat Hajime.

Li Juan: I cant stand you damn carnages. You all piss me off.

Hajime: Not sure what you're talking about.


She runs straight at him.

Kosumi: She's really fast.

Narumi: Unbelievable speed.

Hajime: As long as I can keep my distance I can- (coughing blood)

She pierces him with her sword.

Li Juan: What's the matter? Too strong for you?

Hajime: (in thought) This woman. She's on a whole different level than her father.

Li Juan: If you didn't kill my father I wouldn't have had any reason to kill you.

He draws his sword.

Hajime: What the hell.

He coughs up venom.

Hajime: (coughing)(breathing hard)

Hajime: What the hell did you do?!

Li Juan: The sword I stabbed you with. It's no ordinary sword.

Kosumi: How dangerous is she?

Akiyo: There's venom embedded in her swords. If you touch or get hit by her swords then you could get poisoned.

Kosumi: She must very venomous.

Akiyo: Her poison is mild. It would take more than one strike to poison someone. But unluckily for him he's been poisoned.

Kosumi: You must really know a lot about this samurai.

Akiyo: She's not a samurai.

Kosumi: How do you know?

Akiyo: She doesn't follow bushido code. She's an ordinary swordsman that learned samurai techniques. My guess is someone taught her these techniques or she smuggled her way into Japan and stole it.

Li Juan: I am a proud warrior from my country. You underestimated my family too much.

They start fighting.

Kosumi: They are going at it!

Hajime cuts her.


She heavily cuts his chest.

Hajime: (yelling)

She pulls out her second sword.

Hajime: You have to go that far huh?

Li Juan: I couldn't call myself a snake if I didn't have two swords. My swords are like my fangs.

Kosumi: Even as a snake, she's literally fighting like her own species.

Li Juan gets in a snake stance.

Akiyo: Oh shit its getting serious. We need to back up.

They back away.

They continue fighting.

Li Juan: So how's that poison treating you?

Hajime: (sarcastic) Oh its wonderful.

Li Juan: (evil smile) I bet it is.

They both stab each other.

Li Juan: Come on. What are you waiting for? Kill me already.

She pushes her swords deeper into his chest.

Li Juan: Die bitch.

She pulls her swords out of him and walks off.

Li Juan: Pathetic. And you call yourself a carnage.

He sneaks up behind her and stabs her.

Li Juan: What a desperate attempt.

She kicks him in the face.

Li Juan: You could have taken the easy way out. Now its too late.

She gets back in her snake stance and jabs him.

Hajime: I can't move my body!

Li Juan: I froze your body. Keep struggling and break an arm or leg off.

She takes a few steps back and sticks her swords to the ground.

Li Juan: You are about to see how ruthless I can get. She walks off.

Akiyo: Its over. The next blow will be the last.

Kosumi: Where is she going?

Narumi: She's all the way up in Mt Fuji.

She catches a tailwind and glides up in the air.

Akiyo: She can fly?!

She glides straight down at Hajime at full speed.


Akiyo: She coming in hot!

Li Juan: (yelling)

She grabs her swords and lunges at him at full force.

Li Juan: Zhìmìng de dúyè!

Note: This is one of Li Juan's most fatal techniques. One sword is aimed at the stomach as the other one is aimed at the heart. It spreads the venom all over the targets body and kills them.

She stabs his stomach and heart.

Hajime: (in thought) I lost.

Li Juan: Pathetic.

Hajime dies as Li Juan kills him in cold blood.

Akiyo: That was so awesome!

Li Juan: Looks like I have to kill you too.

Akiyo: Whoa whoa! I'm on your side!

Li Juan: How can you prove that?

Akiyo: I was gonna free you until you busted out that prison in Mt Fuji.

Li Juan: Why would a filthy Japanese like you free me?

Akiyo: I need your help.

Li Juan: With what?

Akiyo: Project carnage. I'm assassinating all carnages. I just killed one a few days ago known as savage.

Li Juan: You killed that psycho?

Akiyo: Yep. Then I ate her.

Li Juan: Well good for you.

Akiyo: Will you help us?

Li Juan: No. As a matter of fact, I'm going to kill you right here right now.

She lunges at Akiyo and attacks him.

Akiyo catches her swords.

Li Juan: You idiot. Touching my swords will poison you. You even observed that.

Akiyo: I'm immune. I can't get poisoned.

Li Juan: What?!

He kicks her in the chin.

Li Juan: (in thought) He's nothing to mess around with. He's different from Hajime.

Akiyo starts messing around and starts dancing.

Narumi: Akiyo gets serious.

Akiyo: Oh I am. I'm on fire!

Narumi: Stop messing around!

Akiyo: Here we GOOOOOOOO!!!!

His energy explodes in hyper mode.

Akiyo: (yelling) Here I go!

Li Juan: Where is he?!

Akiyo punches her in the face.

Li Juan swings at him and misses. Akiyo flips over and kicks her behind her head.

Li Juan: You little bitch!

She keeps swinging and Akiyo takes her swords.

Akiyo: Looking for these?

Li Juan: Give me my swords back!

Akiyo: Okay.

He plants them to the ground.

Akiyo: Come get them.

She jabs him.

Akiyo: That's it?

Li Juan: (in thought) He's immune to pressure points too?!

She kicks him.

Akiyo: Nice kick.

Li Juan: Shut up.

Akiyo dodges her jab and handstands on her swords.

Akiyo: Do you like my kicks?

He starts kicking her face.

He backflips away from her.

Li Juan: (angry) You dare make fun of me?!

She swings her sword and cuts him.

Li Juan: Is this how your mother raised you?

Akiyo sits down.

Kosumi: Akiyo what are you doing?

Akiyo: I'm offended. Apologize.

Li Juan: Hell no!

Akiyo: Now!

Li Juan: I'm not apologizing to some stupid Japanese flea cat. So-

Akiyo punches her in the face.

Li Juan: (couching blood)


Li Juan: Snakes spear!

He dodges it.

Akiyo raises his hyper mode.

Akiyo: (focusing)

Li Juan: (in thought) What is he doing?

Akiyo disappears.

Li Juan: Where did he go?

Akiyo appears in front of her face and punches her.

Li Juan: (yelling)

Akiyo: Tsukiyomi's reflection.

He discovers a secret from Li Juan.

Akiyo: You're coming with us.

Li Juan: No I'm not.

She whips up a blizzard.

Li Juan: I don't ally with Japanese.

She swings hers swords at him.

Akiyo: Shes moving faster.

Li Juan cuts him, but Akiyo punches her.

Kosumi: Akiyo go into predator mode.

Akiyo: I can't right now. I ate Savage.

Li Juan gets distracted.

Li Juan: (in thought) He ate Savage?

Akiyo: Its over.

He lands the final blow and ignites her body.

Li Juan: (yelling)(burning)

She falls down.

Akiyo: Your ice powers aren't cold enough for my flames. You've lost.

Li Juan: S-shut up. I can still fight.

She slowly gets up and walks over to him.

Akiyo: Its over. You're coming with us.

She passes out.

2 hours later she wakes up.

Akiyo: Hello.

Li Juan: You piss me off.

She walks off.

Akiyo: What are you doing?

Li Juan: I'm hungry.

She taps into predator mode and eats Hajime.

Akiyo: That was a good fight.

Li Juan: Shut up.

Akiyo: So what's your name?

Li Juan: Why does a flea cat like you wanna know?

Akiyo: Because I think you're really pretty.

Li Juan: Someone's desperate. No wonder your single.  

Akiyo: Are you single?

Li Juan: (lying) No.

Akiyo: Your lying Sheng nu.

Li Juan: (blushing) DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!

Note: Sheng nu means leftover women in Chinese. This is usually what a woman is called if she doesn't have a boyfriend or husband.

Akiyo: It's not my fault your single.

Li Juan: I can see why your single too. You piss people off. I bet you cant get one girl to be your girlfriend.

Akiyo: I hope so.

Li Juan: Whatever fleabag. I bet there isn't one girl you even have a crush on.

Akiyo: Actually I do. I admire her a lot.

Li Juan: Yeah right.

Akiyo: She's in Egypt right now. She a princess to a pharaoh that passed away.

Li Juan: Whatever.

Akiyo: I'm not gonna bore you with my story so see you later.

He leaves.

Narumi: How are your wounds?

Akiyo: I'm fine. Thanks for disinfecting them.

Narumi: You're welcome.

Akiyo: What if I told you that I'm in love with someone else?

Narumi: You are in love with someone else including me?

Akiyo: Yeah.

Narumi: Who is it?

Akiyo: Her name is Layla.

Narumi: That doesn't sound Japanese.

Akiyo: She's Egyptian.

Narumi: Interesting.

Akiyo: She probably still doesn't like me.

Narumi: Then why do you love her so much?

Akiyo: Because she's just as beautiful as you are.

Narumi: Oh.

Akiyo: I'm going to sleep.

He falls asleep.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 74- Egyptian princess (1)
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So for those who don't know what Infinite crown is, it is a fanfic of mine that I've made a year ago. I've been looking at the views and a few of these chapters keep getting over 100 views. Really surprised to see that because my other fanfics didn't go that high until a year or so. Pretty mindblowing because the last chapter of infinite crown was two months ago. That one has 158 views right now. So I'm going to finish the fights in the chapters and make some funny stuff in pokemon. Catch you later guys :D
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Maroon 5
  • Playing: Pokemon alpha sapphire
  • Eating: Taco bell
  • Drinking: Monster
I haven't made a journal in like 4 months lol. I'm fine guys. A lot of stuff went down with my friends and family and I had to put up with so much of it. I still do as a matter of fact. So recently I have been isolating myself from all the stress Ive been putting up with. Sorry about that.

So what has Otaku (Graffiti) been doing?

Been working and playing video games. Also trying to go back to school.

Will I still play pokemon online? The answer is no and I'll tell you why. The reason why I'm not playing online anymore is because I find the matches too boring and easy. Plus there are a lot of people who wont fight me because of my pokemon. No I don't use legendaries and I don't always use OU pokemon. But I have pokemon that are too OP and I just think way outside the box.

However I just bought a ps4 about 2 days ago. So if anyone has a ps4 and wants to add me then my name is Casual_Otaku. I'm always playing destiny on the Ps4 so yeah. I think if im not mistaken you can record your matches and post them on Facebook and stuff. I remember Overload doing that. So If you wanna see some gameplay I'll upload it.

So yeah. I'm probably going to draw a tigress and make some pokemon parodies.

Catch you later guys :D
  Akiyo continues to groom Narumi. He has also told Tao that he will eliminate all the carnages to keep everyone safe. Tao agrees and decides to let him travel the world. Where will they go first?

Narumi: Your body is very warm, and your heart is beating fast. Someone's "excited".

Akiyo: (blushing) Um sure.

Narumi: (teasing)(giggling) Someone's in love.

Akiyo: (blushing)(smiling) Is it wrong to be in love with my teacher?

Narumi: Not at all. Animals can fall in love with whoever they want. It can be more than one person too.

Akiyo: But that's cheating Narumi.

Narumi: You're not a human anymore. As an animal there is no such thing as cheating. You could have 5 girlfriends and it still wouldn't matter. For example if a female tiger finishes mating season with a male tiger, we let them mate with other tigresses and we take care of the baby on our own.

Akiyo: (amazed) I love being an animal! I want something like that!

He finishes grooming her.

Akiyo: Please be my girlfriend.

Narumi: Wouldn't you want a girl around your age? I'm 4 years older than you.

Akiyo: I like older women. I find you more attractive.

Narumi: (smiling) For once I'm flattered. I don't Akiyo, just give me some time.

Akiyo: Okay.

Narumi: So now what?

Akiyo: There's a place I wanna go to.

Narumi: Where do you wanna go?

Akiyo: Mt Fuji.

Narumi: Why do you wanna go to a volcano?

Akiyo: Someone is in there, I wanna free her.

Narumi: Really?

Akiyo: She's a snake frozen in a block of ice.

Narumi: You wanna free a dead girl?

Akiyo: She's not dead. She hibernating.

Narumi: We can go get her sure.

Akiyo: I wanna help other assassins in the world. Will you travel with me.

Narumi: Of course.

They depart and leave Yokohama.

Narumi: Why are there bananas everywhere?

They find Kosumi.

Kosumi: (sleeping)

Akiyo: Hey monkey girl wake up.

She wakes up.

Kosumi: Hey guys.

Akiyo: I remember you.

Kosumi: You remember me?

Akiyo: Yeah. You're the same woman that gave me these claws.

Kosumi: Yeah.

A huge gorilla shows up.

Narumi: Seriously what is up with the gorillas.

Akiyo: It doesn't look like he'll let us leave either.

Kosumi: I'll take care of this.

Akiyo: What if you don't beat him?

Kosumi: Relax Akiyo.I know what he wants.

Narumi: What does he want?

Kosumi: He wants me to be his woman. And I told him hundreds of times no.

Gorilla: (screeching)

Kosumi: I don't want to be with a fat ugly ape like you.

He throws a punch.

Kosumi: That's it? That's all your punch has against my body? Let me show you a real punch.

She throws a punch.

Gorilla: (gasping for air)

Kosumi: (screeching)

She picks him up and starts punching his ribs.

Kosumi: I thought I told you! No thank you!

She kicks him.

Kosumi: Had enough?

He continues to swing at her and hits her.

Kosumi: It's not polite to hit a woman.

Her skin turns red.

Akiyo: I've never seen this technique before. What is it?

Narumi: Primates fever. It's a technique that boosts a monkeys adrenaline attack and increases their muscle mass.

Akiyo: So much sweat.

Narumi: Her sweat vaporizes and gives her a lot of exhaustion.

She starts beating her chest.

Kosumi: (screeching)(angry)

She starts punching him.

Akiyo: Those punches! I've never seen a monkey move that quick.

Kosumi: (screeching)

Akiyo: Her punches are loud!

Narumi: Her punches are creating shockwaves.

Her eyes glow red and starts moving very agile around trees.

The gorilla tries to punch her, but she jumps off his fist and punches him in the face.

Gorilla: (screeching)

Kosumi uppercuts him in the jaw and breaks it.


She starts beating him.

Kosumi: (angry)(yelling)

Akiyo stops her.

Akiyo: He's not your target so don't keep attacking. Calm down.

She calms down.

Kosumi: Don't ever mess with me again.

Akiyo gropes her butt.

Akiyo: You're really pretty.

Kosumi: Why are you groping me?

Akiyo: I'm wild like you right?

Kosumi: I suppose you are.

Akiyo: I got more bananas for you.

Kosumi: Really?

Akiyo: Yeah.

He gives her more bananas.

Akiyo: I know that technique of yours gets you tired and hungry.

Kosumi: (smiling) Heeeeey! I know you're hitting on me.

Akiyo: I am I mean look at your body. It's so beautiful and wild.

Kosumi: (blushing)(laughing) You're so cute! I bet you get all the women.

Akiyo: I got a tigress. Now I want you too.

Kosumi: (smiling) Okay I'll go with you.

They continue to depart to Mt Fuji.

Narumi: Akiyo? Why do you want a snake with us?

Akiyo: They are very stealthy and sneaky. We can't always use brute strength. Sometimes we have to avoid things too.

Kosumi: I thought you only wanted a monkey and a tiger.

Akiyo: I want a snake too.

Narumi: What's her description?

Akiyo: Her name is Li Juan. An illegal immigrant from China and a murderer. Has been sent into the lower chambers in prison for slaughtering 1500 men. This samurai is extremely dangerous and must hibernate for the rest of her life. For extra security, both eyes have been gouged and separated in different places along with her swords. If freed from the block of ice take extreme caution and stay away from her.

Kosumi: Why would you want to free a samurai who has murdered 1500 men?

Akiyo: If I'm going to kill every carnage. I'm going to need her.

Kosumi: What if she doesn't join us?

Akiyo: Oh she will.

The scene switches to the underground prison.

The block of ice makes a small crack.

Guard: There's a small crack on the ice.

Officer: It's probably the water. But lets take extra precaution just in case.

The ice cracks more.

Guard: Backup right now!

Hundreds of guards surrounds the block of ice.

Li Juan breaks from the ice.

Li Juan: All you all ready to die?

Guard: We have a carnage! Go back into hibernation!

Li Juan: Oh don't worry. He'll stay with me forever.

She walks to the guard.

Li Juan: You stole my swords, gouged my eyes and left me in a block of ice naked.

They all shoot arrows at her.

Guard: Alright she's dead.

She molts and sheds of her old skin and grows a new one.

Li Juan: I'm afraid I won't be hibernating ever again.

She jabs him and freezes him to death.

Li Juan: It's your turn to all die.

All the guards attack her.

Li Juan: One guard to the left.

She jabs him and poisons him.

Li Juan: It hurts doesn't it? This is my power as a snake.

The guards eyes and mouth bleeds and he dies.

She starts grinding her teeth and her mouth bleeds.

Li Juan: (angry) I hate all of you Japanese!

She runs up to the guards and starts killing them.

Li Juan: (angry) You damn soldiers think you can do whatever you want because its your country!

She steals someone's sword and starts killing them.

Li Juan: I hate you damn Japanese!

She heads too the officer and cuts him.

Li Juan: I hate you.

He freezes to death.

She keeps running to the room and finds her eyes.

Another officer shows up.

Officer: Li Juan! I have strict orders to kill you!

She plants her eyes back into her.

Li Juan: (glaring) Oh you don't have to worry about that. I'll take good care of you.

She picks up both of her swords and kills him.

Li Juan: I can't fit my armor anymore. What a shame. I really loved it. I guess this armor will do till I make a new one.

She puts on new armor and walks out.

Hajime: Do you really think I'm going to let you free?

Li Juan: I'm here to kill you. I know what happened to my father.

Hajime: (smiling) Don't know what your talking about.

Li Juan: (angry) YOU KILLED HIM!!!

She blows him away with a blizzard.

Akiyo: It's so chilly.

A blizzard blows straight at them with Hajime.

Hajime: She gave me frostbite. This ought to be interesting.

Li Juan comes in at blinding speed and cuts him. Her mind taps into predator mode.

Li Juan: (glaring) Hungering serpent.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 73- Akiyo's admiration
  Akiyo goes on a feeding frenzy continues fighting Manami. No matter what happens to Akiyo he never goes down and continues healing. Will Akyio triumph and follow his dying wish? Or will he be the last clan member to fall?

Akiyo: I'm rather excited to eat you. I wanna consume that widow body of yours.

Manami: I won't let you!

She charges straight at him.

Akiyo: Lets keep fighting.

He runs to her. She jabs her hand through his stomach.

Akiyo: Wrong move.

He bites her neck again and starts crunching on it.

Akiyo: I want to taste you from the inside out. Give me a better taste of you.

Narumi: (in thought) This is not Akiyo at all. He's completely lost it. He's more heartless than the savage.

Manami: What is driving you so far to kill me?!

She hits him at full force.

Akiyo: The same reason why you wanna kill me.

He stabs her with both of her claws.

Manami: (coughing blood)

She backs away.

Akiyo: (glaring) I'm getting stronger by each minute I taste you. Let me have more!

Manami: No way am I going to let you kill me. I'm one of the Carnages. I will not lose.

Akiyo: Your a Carnage? Now I really have to kill you.

Manami: You have something against them cat litter?

Akiyo: Yeah. I do. They were overthrowing my clan for being too notorious. We are the best assassins. Not you guys.

Manami: You took all the credit! Why should we not get anything?!

Akiyo: Don't worry I'll be sure to give you something.


She runs straight towards him at full power. But her power depletes and runs out.

Akiyo: You could have killed me with that. But you failed.

Manami: What did you do to me?

Akiyo: You know how I said that what ever I taste from you I heal and get stronger in feeding frenzy? I'm stole all of your power and made it to my own.

Manami: (losing her mind) No there's no way.

Akiyo: (insane smile) Let me eat you. You're driving me crazy. That taste! I need to taste more of that delicious body of yours!

Manami: (panicking) GET AWAY FROM ME!!!

She runs away.

Akiyo: Your not going anywhere.

He pins her down and strips her naked.

Akiyo: You humiliated me. Now let me humiliate you.

He tortures her.

Manami: (mentally broken) I'll do anything. (crying) Don't kill me please.

Akiyo stabs her in the back.

Manami: (yelling)

Akiyo: No.

He bites her neck.

Manami: (mentally broken) I'll be your slave if you leave me alone. I'm begging you.

Akiyo: Your begging on your knees to be my slave. So much irony. You really are broken.

Manami: (mentally broken) I'll do anything.

Akiyo: Let me eat you.

Manami: (mentally broken) No please! Anything but that!

Akiyo starts to eat her entire body.

Manami: (screaming)(crying)

Her whole body gets devoured by Akiyo.

Akiyo: So delicious. Too bad I can't forgive you.

He walks off.

Akiyo: Its nighttime. I'm a mess.

Kosumi: Is he going to be okay?

Narumi: I don't know. I never seen him like this before.

Hours pass by and everything stays quiet.

Akiyo: Jirou? I need to talk to you about something. It's some I did bad a few years ago.

Jirou: I know you killed dad.

Akiyo: You already knew?

Jirou: Yeah.

Akiyo: (crying) I'm sorry it was an accident. I didn't mean to.

Jirou: It's okay Akiyo. I know it wasn't intentional.

Akiyo: (crying) Now our big brother is gone.

Jirou: I know he's gone but we have to move on with it.

Akiyo: (crying) I'm not asking for forgiveness so I'm sorry.

Jirou: I forgive you.

Akiyo: (crying) I don't deserve your forgiveness.

Jirou: Relax okay? You have a tigress that's worried about you. You should go see her.

He goes to Narumi.

Narumi: Clothes off. You smell terrible and you need a bath.

She takes his clothes off and they bathe in a pond.

Narumi: Are you okay? You really scared me there.

Akiyo: I'm just a little sad that's all.

Narumi washes his hair.

Narumi: It's time for you to be groomed.

She gives him a new kimono to put on and grooms him.

Akiyo: (purring)

Narumi: (giggling)

Akiyo: What?

Narumi: You're purring. It's cute.

Akiyo: Hey Narumi? What happened to Manami?

Narumi: You ate her. I was pretty shocked to see that.

Akiyo: Did I really eat her?

Narumi: You did. She killed the last members of your clan and that's when you mentally started to prey on her.

Akiyo: So it was real. I am the last member.

Narumi: I'm sorry Akiyo. Maybe one day you can bring the clan back when you have children with someone.

She finishes grooming him.

Akiyo: Your turn.

He starts grooming her.

Narumi: You're acting like a complete animal now.

Akiyo: Is that bad?

Narumi: Actually I really like it. I love the way you groom me. You are really good at it.

Akiyo: I can see that. You haven't move at all.

Narumi: This is heaven.

Akiyo: I know your body is amazing.

Narumi: You and women. You just can't stop do you?

Akiyo: I can tickle you again if you want.

Narumi: No Akiyo don't- (laughing)

He tickles her.

Narumi: (laughing) Oh my goodness stop! I can't breathe!

He gropes her chest.

Narumi: (blushing)(laughing) You do this every time!

Akiyo: Maybe I should grope you here.

He continues groping her.

Narumi: (blushing)(laughing) Okay please stop!

He stops.

Narumi: You are such a pervert.

Akiyo: Maybe I have a thing for you.

Narumi: No Akiyo. You can't keep doing that. I know your attracted to me, but you can't keep doing that to women okay?

Akiyo: How about this?

He bites her neck and kisses her.

Narumi punches him between the legs and knocks him out.

Narumi: (embarrassed) Goodnight Akiyo.  

A few days have passed. Jirou and Akiyo have buried their family members and gave them a proper burial. Jirou has found all the slaves and freed them back to their homes. They also find a secret letter with confidential information. Akiyo gives it to Tao and discuss business with one another.

The scene switches to Narumi.

Narumi: Do you have a minute?

Kyomi: What's the matter?

Narumi: It's Akiyo.

Kyomi: I think he has a thing for you.

Narumi: He does but I'm scared to have a romantic relationship with him.

Kyomi: Why's that?

Narumi: I like being around him, but then I'm really embarrassed.

Kyomi: What did he do?

Narumi: He bit my neck and kissed me.

Kyomi: Sounds like he tried to be your lover or mate with you. Just remember that all female creatures can't hold in their feminine side while mating. I understand its especially embarrassing for you as a tigress since tigers mate a lot.

Narumi: (blushing) I don't want to show my feminine side.

Kyomi: Is there a reason?

Narumi: I never mated or made love or anything. Sometimes I'm embarrassed of my own body on how beautiful I look.

Kyomi: Tell him how you really feel. I'm sure he'll understand.

The scene switches to Akiyo.

Tao: What's this?

Akiyo: This is confidential information from the carnages. Manami was going to betray you if I didn't kill her.

Tao: Interesting.

Akiyo: Lets make a deal. I separates from the royal families and I kill all the carnages. In return you pay me and you wife will be safe. Izanagi's face should not be together and will make more enemies if we don't separate.

Tao: I actually like that idea. Each carnage you kill I will pay you. You may need a crew to fight them all.

He gives them a map.

Tao: These are all the assassins around he world. However a carnage is there. The closest one is Mt Fuji. A carnage is there and a prisoner. Be careful she will try to kill you if you free her.

Akiyo: What are the assassins like?

Tao: All I know is that they are all females and animals.

Akiyo: That's fine.

Tao: If you free this girl. I will give you a bonus.

Akiyo: Who is she?

Tao: She's my half sister and a terrorist, so watch out for explosives.

Akiyo: How many siblings do you have?

Tao: Who knows. My mother was a whore anyways. She was a prostitute and could never keep her legs closed.

Akiyo: Time to start the journey.

Akiyo leaves.

Akiyo gives Narumi some flowers.

They lay down.

Akiyo: I'm sorry. I got carried away with my feelings and shouldn't have done that.

Narumi: It's okay. Just don't do that okay? Be gentle with a woman next time.

Akiyo: I promise. I'll never do something you don't like again.

He grooms her.

Narumi: (purring)

Akiyo: I love my teacher.

Narumi: (smiling) And I love my student.

She licks his face.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 72- Tokyo arrival

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