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When my pokemon are fully trained, which pokemon youtuber should I fight first? 

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So yes my name is SecondOtaku now. I wanted to pick a new name. I can only imagine how many of you guys will still call me Gm, Graffiti or whatever you guys call me. That's fine, you can call me that since I have that name longer lol. So back to fanfics.

Catch you later guys :D


  A week passes by. Jirou and Kyomi have improved on their magic and element control. As the sun rises, Jirou falls asleep.

Amaterasu: He's sound asleep.

Kyomi: Yeah he's been training hard.

Amaterasu: I can really respect a person like this.

Kyomi: Why's that?

Amaterasu: He cares and loves everyone that's around him. He does whatever it takes to protect him.

Kyomi: I know. I'll give him a really good treat when we're in Tokyo.

Amaterasu: What are you up to?

Kyomi: (smiling) I'm going to give him some love.

Amaterasu: (blushing)(laughing) It's cute but funny at the same time.

Kyomi: (blushing)(smiling) Can you blame me for wanting to be his woman?

Amaterasu: I'm going to let you two have you time alone. I don't wanna ruin anything.

Kyomi: Okay.

Hours later, Jirou wakes up.

Kyomi: (smiling) Morning handsome.

Jirou: Good morning Kyomi.

Kyomi: I made you a really good breakfast.

Jirou: Thank you.

He eats.

Jirou: This is the best breakfast ever. What's your secret?

Kyomi: (smiling) Love.

Jirou: I'll count that.

She holds onto his arm.

Jirou: What's gotten into you?

Kyomi: I'm just worried that's all.

Jirou: About me?

Kyomi: Yeah.

Jirou: You don't have to worry about me.

Kyomi: Are you sure? What if you get hurt? What will we do?

Jirou: I promise you I wont die. Trust me okay?

Kyomi: Okay sweetie.

Jirou: This is the best meal I've had so far.

Kyomi: (happy) Really?

Jirou: Absolutely.

Kyomi: (smiling) Thanks. That really makes me happy.

He finishes eating.

Jirou: Thank you for being there for me.

Kyomi: (seducing)(happy) You're welcome. Now what else can I do for you?

Jirou: That's all for now. You don't have to keep doing things for me.

Kyomi: If you need anything then just ask.

Jirou: Will you come to my room for a minute?

Kyomi: Okay.

They go to his room.

Kyomi: Why are we in here?

Jirou: There's something I want to give you?

He holds her hand.

Kyomi: What are you doing?

Jirou: I promise you when we take out Auctioneer, were going to Tokyo. I'll have a surprise for you there.

Kyomi: What's in the box?

Jirou: That's a surprise.

He kisses her.

Kyomi: (blushing)(smiling) Do you have feelings for me too?

Jirou: (smiling) Maybe.

Kyomi: (blushing)(smiling) What's gotten in to you? You're like a completely different person.

Jirou: Is that bad?

Kyomi: (smiling) No I really like it.

Jirou: Come on. Lets continue our training.

They continue their training.

Jirou: Hey Kyomi? Have you figured out your Shikko form?

Kyomi: Yes. Its powerful. I can give you power also by possessing your body.

Jirou: But then I cant control myself.

Kyomi: Of course you can. I can give you full control. All I have to do is share my powers in you once I possess you.

Jirou: I didn't know you can possess people.

Kyomi: I can make people go mentally insane too.

Jirou: You are so amazing.

Kyomi: (blushing)(smiling) You don't have to flatter me.

Jirou: I feel like I can learn so much from you.

Kyomi: I can teach you something new if you want.

Jirou: Will you teach me something new please?

Kyomi: Sure sweetie. What do you wanna learn? How to fly?

Jirou: No. I wanna learn more about your Shikko form.

Kyomi: Oh that? You wanna learn how to use Sento?

Jirou: What is Sento?

Kyomi: Sento is a type of power that certain people can use. It is natural energy combined with your own powers.

Jirou: Will you teach me?

Kyomi: Of course.

They start training.

Kyomi: You have to start off by storing natural energy inside your body. Then you can mix it and combine it with your solar powers.

Jirou: That's very creative.

Kyomi: Lets start training.

Jirou focuses.

Kyomi: Its not enough natural energy.

He builds up more and he loses control.

Jirou: (yelling)

Kyomi chops him in the neck.

Jirou: Ow.

Kyomi: That was too much natural energy.

Jirou: Too much?

Kyomi: You have to balance the right amount for your body. Not enough and you deplete all you natural energy, too much and you'll lose control.

Jirou: This is hard.

Kyomi: Its not easy for humans. If you were born as a mythical creature it would be easier.

Jirou: What happens when I balance it out?

Kyomi: You receive more power. This will also make it easier to use your magic.

Jirou: Quick question. Can I fuse Sento with magic?

Kyomi: Yes. You can fuse it with just about anything.

Jirou: So what happens after I balance out my Sento?

Kyomi: You get the same power I get in my Shikko form. The Okami.

Jirou: You can turn into a wolf?

Kyomi: Yes.

Jirou: Please teach me.

Kyomi: (surprised) You sure are asking for a lot of training.

Jirou: I'll do something nice for you.

Kyomi: (excited) Really?!

Jirou: (convincing) I'll take you out on a date if you help me with my training.

Kyomi: (in thought)(excited) A date? He's going to take me on a romantic date.

Jirou: Well what do you say? I know a beautiful woman like you can say no.

Kyomi: (smiling) Okay.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 58- Awakened Okami
  Amaterasu gladly accepts Jirou as her new student. As she trains him to take out Auctioneer, he wants to make sure that no other slave ever loses someone they care about again.

Amaterasu: Are you ready to train?

Kyomi starts to howl.

Kyomi: (howling)

Jirou: Can we wait? Kyomi needs my help and she's needs me.

Amaterasu: Postponing your training for a woman's needs?

Jirou: I know I shouldn't let my emotions get in the way for a female over training right?

Amaterasu: (smiling) I think its very sweet and thoughtful of you to help her.

Jirou: Really?

Amaterasu: Absolutely. No wonder why she stays in love with you so much.

Jirou: Do you know her by any chance?

Amaterasu: She's my companion. She's one of those inari's that just sends me massages and watches over people. She really likes you.

Jirou: I had no clue.

Amaterasu: If you think that's all. Read the messages she gave me.

He reads all of them.

Jirou: (blushing) I'm actually really nervous now.

Amaterasu: Just give her company. She's waiting for you.

He goes to Kyomi.

Kyomi: Hi.

Jirou: Wow you're sweating and burning up. The fevers gotten worse.

Kyomi: Auctioneer put drugs in me. I feel really bad.

He puts a cold towel on her forehead.

Jirou: Alright you're wearing light clothing that's good. I'll make some herbal tea.

He goes to the kitchen and makes some herbal tea.

Amaterasu: Looks like I misjudged Jirou.

Kyomi: He gets irritated at times but he's really sweet.

Amaterasu: Your fur and hair is turning white.

Kyomi: Is it really?

Amaterasu: Yes it is. You have all nine of your tails too.

Kyomi: How did all this happen so fast?

Amaterasu: Maybe it has to do with those drugs auctioneer injected in you. It may have given you a disadvantage, but also a advantage to your powers.

Jirou comes back with some tea.

She drinks some tea.

Jirou: Let me break that fever for you.

He stops the fever.

Kyomi: Thank you sweetie.

She kisses him.

Jirou: Your welcome. Why is your fur and hair white?

Amaterasu: She's turning into a Shikko.

Jirou: What is that?

Amaterasu: Its the next stage of the shinwas assistants powers. They can transform into something very powerful and gain more power.

Jirou: Why is she turning into a Shikko?

Amaterasu: Because of you. She's so devoted to you that she will do anything to keep you safe and happy.

Jirou: Is that true Kyomi?

Kyomi: Yes.

Jirou: So do you feel better now?

Kyomi: (smiling) I do now thanks to you.

Amaterasu: Are you two ready to train?

Jirou and Kyomi: Yes.

Amaterasu: All right lets go.

They step outside.

Amaterasu: I will teach you how to use elements and magic.

Jirou: Alright.

Amaterasu: You both have three elements. Earth, wind and fire. You can use your elements naturally, especially if there is a source to use your element in the area.

Jirou: What about our magic?

Amaterasu: Its more powerful, but harder to use. It also uses magic to perform Majutsu.

Jirou: What is Majutsu?

Amaterasu: They are magic users that fight in combat. Some can use this, some cant.

Jirou: Lets see if I can perform Majutsu.

He tries to create magical flames.

Jirou: Arrrgh! Come on! Come on!

He makes a small flame.

Amaterasu: That was terrible.

Jirou: I used all that magic for one flame.

Kyomi: Let me show you sweetie.

She makes a really big flame off the palm of her hand.

Jirou: (discouraged) Wow you're way better than I am with this magic.

Kyomi: Don't be discouraged. I'm sure you're good with your elements.

Jirou: Are you good at that too?

Kyomi: Lets try and find out.

She swings wind with her sword, and makes a small breeze.

Amaterasu: That's it? I could fan myself with that.

Kyomi: (blushing)(sulking) This is embarrassing.

Jirou: Let me try. He gets his polearm and starts swinging it around his whole body.

The wind strongly blows everywhere.

Amaterasu: That was unbelievable!

Kyomi: I didn't know you were this good at elements.

Jirou: I didn't even know you were so amazing with magic.

Amaterasu: Maybe you two can help each other out.

Jirou: Would it be okay if you help me with my magic?

Kyomi: I'd do anything for you sweetie. I could learn a thing or two about elements.

Jirou: Yeah I'll help you.

Amaterasu: Then lets start training.

They train under Amaterasu's supervision. They send a letter to Shori and the others that they are headed to Yokohama.

1 week passes by.

Kyomi: Your magic has improved.

Jirou: I could say the same thing as your element control.

Kyomi: I mad something to eat just for the two of us.

Jirou: You didn't have to do that. Honestly.

Kyomi: Now Jirou I will not have you eating on a empty stomach. Please eat.

He eats.

Jirou: Your food is good as always.

Kyomi: Thank you.

Jirou: What's the matter?

Kyomi: You haven't forgotten about the promise have you?

Jirou: No. You and I are supposed to go to Tokyo together.

Kyomi: I have something amazing for you there. You will love it.

Jirou: (in thought) I finally got it. She doesn't wanna go there just to travel. She wants to take me out on a romantic date.

Kyomi: Promise you wont die okay?

Jirou: I wont.

Kyomi: Are we going to train some more?

Jirou: We've been training all night. I...think we... need some rest.

The sunrises and he falls asleep on Kyomi's lap.

Kyomi: (smiling) You really trained hard. Don't worry, both you and I will take out Auctioneer together.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 57- Prepared battle
  Jirou rescues Kyomi and takes her straight to a hospital to get her take care of. They leave Shizouka and head to the nearest town to get her immediate treatment.

Jirou: (in thought) I really need to get her taken care of! I don't want her to die!

Kyomi skin gets cold.

Jirou: Kyomi?!

He lays her down.

Jirou: Kyomi don't die. (crying) Don't die.

Her heart beat slowly fades away.

Jirou: (crying) Don't die on me! I know you heard me say those mean things! I didn't mean any of that! I'm sorry! I have to make that promise that I made 10 years ago! We're supposed to go to Tokyo together! I haven't forgotten the promise!

She continues the slowly die.

Jirou: (crying)(yelling) DON'T DIEEEE!!!

His body start to glow like the sun and starts to heal her.

Jirou: (crying) Is this my solar powers?

All of Kyomi's wounds and injuries heal her. Her skin gets warm and her heart beats at a normal rate again.

Jirou: (happy)(crying) She's still alive. I saved her this time.

He takes her to one of his old homes and lets her rest. He waits for her to wake up.

Jirou: (in thought) I'm so glad she's alive.

He ends up sleeping for hours and wakes up.

Kyomi shows up.

Kyomi: Hi sweetie.

Jirou: You have no clothes on. Go cover up.

Kyomi: I'm not embarrassed or anything. I really wanna talk to you about something.

She puts some new clothes on from the other room.

Jirou: What do you wanna talk about?

Kyomi: Thank you for saving me. I was really scared.

Jirou: I owe you an apology. I'm really sorry that I hurt your feelings. It was really impulsive of me and you were only being nice. I shouldn't have drove you away like that.

Kyomi: I forgive you sweetie. But what happened to me? What did the doctor say?

Jirou: There was no doctor. I healed your wounds.

Kyomi: (surprised) You healed them?

Jirou: I was in a desperate situation and my solar powers awakened.

Kyomi: No wonder you were so warm.

Jirou: Are you feeling okay?

Kyomi: No.

He feels her head.

Jirou: You have quite a fever there.

Kyomi: I'm not worried about that. Do you remember about what you said to me ten years ago?

Jirou: I could never forget that. I promised you that we'd go to Tokyo together.

Kyomi: I would really like to do something for you when we get there. Its been 10 years since I fallen in love with you.

Jirou: May I ask you something?

Kyomi: What is it?

Jirou: What do you love me so much?

Kyomi: Because you're the first person to ever make me happy. When that happened, I knew then your the man for me. Someone I could spend the rest of my life with.

Jirou: Oh.

Kyomi wraps her arms around him.

Kyomi: If you want or need anything just ask me. (seducing)(blushing) I'll do anything for a man like you.

Jirou kisses her.

Jirou: Just give me some time okay? Lets get everything settled with Auctioneer. (smiling) After all you make me happy too.

Kyomi: You're telling the truth? You do have feelings for me don't you?

Jirou: Yeah. I'm sorry for everything I've done to you.

Kyomi: Its fine.

He picks her up and lays her back to her room.

Kyomi: You're turning into a actual kitsune.

Jirou: How do you know?

Kyomi: When you kissed me, my tongue touched your fangs on accident. I'm surprised you don't have a tail yet.

Jirou: Some powers to turn you into a mythical creature right?

Kyomi: Yes they do. Only some of them. And I think I know why you haven't fully gained your solar powers yet.

Jirou: Why haven't I received all my powers yet?

Kyomi: Because you are rejecting all the changes that is being made to your body. Why are you doing that?

Jirou: I'm scared of what will happen to me.

Kyomi: Jirou there is nothing wrong with accepting change. You have to accept it. Your turning into one whether you like it or not.

Jirou: Yeah you're right.

Kyomi: More tails you have, the stronger and smarter you are. You also live longer.

The scene switches to Auctioneer.

Auctioneer: I'm going to ask you one more time. Where is Jirou?

Ichirou: (smiling) Heh. You know what? My brother may be annoying and a asshole at times, but he's my brother. I will never sell out my brother, even if it kills me.

Auctioneer: Enjoy the rest of your life dead then.

Ichirou: (crying)(smiling) I love you brother, you and Akiyo take care.

He stabs him and kills him.

Savage: You're a lot coldhearted than I thought.

Auctioneer: Savage shut the hell up. I'm not a psychopath unlike you.

Savage: Is this how you talk to me?

Auctioneer: Savage say one more damn word and I'll torture you next.

The scene switches back to Jirou.

His left eye glows yellow. He sees something in the past.

Jirou: (shocked) Brother?

He sees the image from the past of the Auctioneer killing his older brother.

Kyomi: Jirou what happened?

Jirou: (shocked) My brother...died. (crying) Oh god he's dead.

Kyomi: (shocked) I'm so sorry to hear that.

Jirou: (crying) He's was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was inspired by him in many ways! AND HE'S GONE!!! AUCTIONEER KILLED HIM!!! MY BIG BROTHER DIED!!!

Kyomi: (crying) Don't worry. You and I are both going to get him.

Jirou: (crying)(yelling) ICHIROOOUUU!!!

Kyomi: (crying) It's gonna be alright.

Jirou walks out the door.


His solar powers fully awaken.

Amaterasu: Looks like I was wrong about you. You really do care about the people you love.

Jirou: (crying) Amaterasu? If it isn't too hard to ask. May I please learn a thing or two from you? Please train me. I don't want any slave to go through the same stuff I did.

Amaterasu: ...

Jirou: (crying) I don't want anymore people to suffer!

Amaterasu: (crying) Of course. I'll train you. I cant say no to someone kindhearted like you.

Jirou: (crying) Thank you so much.

Amaterasu: Just let me know when your ready.

Jirou: I wanna learn now. Teach me everything you got. I swear if Auctioneer hurts someone else then hell will break loose.

Amaterasu: Okay follow me.

They go to his weapons room.

Amaterasu: Judging by your clan. You specialize in weapons correct?

Jirou: That's right.

Amaterasu: Choose your weapon.

Jirou: I would like to choose three.

Amaterasu: Three? Interesting. I never trained someone who is skilled with three different weapons. Which weapons are you skilled in?

Jirou: My dad taught me archery, my mother taught me Naginatajutsu, and my brother taught me how to use a kusari-fundo.

Note: Naginatajutsu is a polearm martial art. The weapon is similar to a Chinese guan do.

Amaterasu: Impressive. Are you ready to learn my techniques?

Jirou: Please teach me.

Amaterasu: I will tell you this. I'm not a martial artist. I focus on magic and element control.

Jirou: Okay.

Amaterasu: Also did your left eye glow yellow?

Jirou: It did. What does that mean?

Amaterasu: It means you have the ability to see what happened in the past, even if it was a few seconds ago.

Jirou: Now what about my powers?

Amaterasu: You can not only control fire, but you can manipulate solar energy, such as light and even the sun. Even plants and the earth.

Jirou: Why am I the next left eye? Why does Auctioneer want me so much?

Amaterasu: Because you are the second son. Also known as the man to rewind the past.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 56- New sunrise

  As the entire group makes the attempt to rescue Kyomi, two people known as Narumi and Akyio decides to help them take out Auctioneer and Savage. Can they save Kyomi in time?

They head to Yokohama.

Shori: (smiling) I guess Izanagi's face has been remolded.

Hisoka: What do you meant by that?

Shori: Akiyo, Jirou and I are all descendants of the gods that was created from Izanagi's face. When these three descendants show up. Susanoo, Amaterasu, and Tsukiyomi are supposed to show up.

Hisoka senses 3 people.

Hisoka: Is that them?! Something is at a godlike level!

Shori: Its them.

They show up.

Susanoo: Hello there Shori. I see your doing fine.

Shori: I am.

Susanoo: Having problems with your wildfire huh?

Shori: I don't know how to use it again.

Amaterasu: You were supposed to have a teacher.

Susanoo: He doesn't need one. You teaching is useless.

Amaterasu: How dare you say that to me!

Susanoo: I just did now get over it. Anyways I can just simply pass you the knowledge that way you can just you can use it anytime.

Shori: Can we just do it that way?

Susanoo gives him the knowledge of fire.

Susanoo: Now try it.

Shori shoots fire out of his hand.

Shori: That was quick.

Susanoo: Tsukiyomi. Where are the other 4 people that are supposed to be with us. We are all supposed to train these 7 royals.

Shori: I thought there were only 6 royal clans.

Tsukiyomi: No Akiyo's clan is a royal family too. But The others are too busy at the moment, and Hachiman refuses to show up.

Susanoo: (irritated) Unbelievable! I specifically said for him to come here!

Ryu: I heard of him. Isn't he the god of war?

Susanoo: Absolutely. He's supposed to train you. You're his descendant.

Ryu: Why won't he train me?

Tsukiyomi: He said your pathetic and useless. He doesn't have time for you.

Ryu: What an asshole. I don't see what he could do for me.

Tsukiyomi: You are supposed to learn the way of the sword, and protect people. But he doesn't see you as a worthy warrior.

Ryu: Fine I'll just train myself then.

Tsukiyomi: You need his help. In the future you and your assistant fight the smuggler and you lose your powers.

Ryu: What?! How did that happen?!

Tsukiyomi: It's very hard to say. Maybe like a drug or something.

Ryu: He's well known for that stuff too.

Jirou: Okay Amaterasu. You owe me an explanation. Why can't I use my solar powers?

Amaterasu: You cant produce enough energy from the sun for some reason.

Jirou: But I need it now! A friend needs my help and she's probably suffering any minute now.

Amaterasu: Oh now you care after all the things she did for you?

Jirou: What the hell is that supposed to mean?!

Amaterasu: You always neglected her and treated her like trash. I don't even see why you bother helping a girl like her.

Jirou: So what? Just let her suffer till she dies?

Amaterasu: Until you train yes. I'll tell you this. You are weak.

Jirou: (angry) I see how it is. Yeah I screwed up. I was a bit mean to her, and I feel bad about that. But if you wont help me then I'll do it myself.

He turns into his kitsune form and runs off to find Kyomi.

Jirou: (in thought) I'll do everything myself. Just wait a bit longer.

The scene switches to Kyomi.

Kyomi: (crying)

Auctioneer shows up.

Auctioneer: I'm baaaaaack!

Kyomi: (crying) Please let me go.

Auctioneer: No. We're playing another game.

Kyomi: (crying) I don't wanna play your games. Please stop.

Auctioneer: I know your cold in this room so I'm going to warm you up a bit.

He gets a metal rod from hot coal and presses it on her.

Kyomi: (screaming)(crying) Stooooop!

He keeps burning her with it.

Kyomi: (crying) Jirou! Please help me! PLEASE DON'T ABANDON ME!!!

Auctioneer: He's not coming.

He burns her some more.

Kyomi: (yelling)(crying)

He stops.

He pulls out a tub of icy cold water.

Auctioneer: I hope you're thirsty.

He shoves her head in cold water.

Kyomi: (flailing)

Auctioneer: That right. Break.

He pulls her head out.

Kyomi: (coughing)(shivering)

Auctioneer: Want to tell me where Jirou is?

Kyomi: (shivering) No. I l-love h-him so much.

He dunks her head in the water again.

Auctioneer: I don't think cold water will work.

He goes to a box and unlocks it. He pulls out a rat.

Auctioneer: Things will only get worse if you don't tell me where he is.

Kyomi: (crying) I'm not going to tell you.

Auctioneer: Suit yourself.

He lets the rat bite her.

Kyomi: (yelling)

He unchains her and makes her sit on a iron chair. He straps her down.

He heats up the chair.

Auctioneer: I see your mentally breaking.

Kyomi: (breaking)(crying) Please let me go. I don't want to die.

Auctioneer: I'm very impressed to see you hold out this long. Any woman like this would break right now.

Kyomi: (breaking)(breathing hard)

She starts to shake, and has muscle spasms.

Kyomi: (hyperventilating)(yelling)(crying) JIROU PLEASE HELP ME!!! I-I DON'T WANNA DIEEEEE!!!

She suffers severe pain and has a anxiety attack.

Kyomi: (crying) Jirou. Please save me.

She sits on the iron chair unconscious.

Auctioneer: Well I guess your dying now. No point of torturing you anymore.

He leaves and goes to Yokohama.

Jirou comes in the room.

Jirou: (in thought) Dammit she's having a anxiety attack.

He gets her off the chair and immediately takes her to a doctor.

Jirou: (in thought) She's hyperventilating, and shes losing too much blood.

Kyomi: (breathing hard)(crying) Jirou? Is that you?

Jirou: Its me.

Kyomi: (crying)(shaking) I-I was s-so scared. He did so much stuff to me. H-he tortured me naked, a-and he was looking for you.

Jirou: I know who he wants.

Kyomi: (crying)(shaking) I never told him where you were. Even though I heard what you said. I still love you and care so much about you.

Jirou: Just keep quiet okay? We gotta get you to a doctor now.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 55- Undying love
  Auctioneer has captured Kyomi and decides to interrogate her for information about Jirou. She refuses to tell him where Jirou is and decides to take all the torture. Even if it kills her.

Kyomi: (crying)

Auctioneer: What your favorite number?

Kyomi: (crying) What kind of question is that?

He hits her again.

Kyomi: (screaming)(crying) Please stop!

Auctioneer: What's your favorite number?!

Kyomi: (breathing hard)(crying) E-eleven.

Auctioneer: Now start with the number 500 and subtract all the way down till you can't subtract anymore.

He grabs a mallet.

Kyomi: (crying) 489.

He swings the mallet on her back.

Kyomi: (screaming)(crying)

Auctioneer: Keep subtracting. Your a kitsune so you should be good at math. Especially since you have 4 tails right now.

Kyomi: (crying) 478, 467, 456, 445, 434.

He hits her again.

Kyomi: (screaming)(crying) 423, 412, 401. (screaming) 390, 379, 368, 357, 346, 335, 324, 313.

Auctioneer: Man your good at this. Keep subtracting.

He swings it harder.

Kyomi: (crying) 302, 291, 280, 269, 258, 247, 236, 225.

Auctioneer: Running out of numbers there huh?

He keeps hitting her.

Kyomi: (crying) 214, 203, 192, 181, 170, 159, 148, 137. (in thought) Jirou please help me. I really need your help.

Auctioneer: Keep subtracting.

Kyomi: (crying) 126, 115, 104, 93, 82, 71, 60, 49, 38, 27, 16, 5.

Auctioneer: Man that sucks. You were short on six numbers. If your last number was 0, I was going to let you go. But you're staying.


Auctioneer: Tell me where Jirou is and there's the door for you.

Kyomi: (crying) I-I C-cant!

Auctioneer: (irritated) Why not dammit?!

Kyomi: B-because I l-love him so much. I don't w-wanna put him in danger.

Auctioneer: (in thought) She's already mentally breaking, but she wont tell me where the hell he is.

Kyomi: (crying) Please let me go. I wont tell anyone. I promise.

Auctioneer: I'm sure Jirou already knows where I'm taking you. But he probably doesn't care about you.

Kyomi: (crying) Your wrong!

Auctioneer: No I'm right. Because I did something to him 10 years ago.

Kyomi: (crying) Don't play around with me!

Auctioneer: Is it true that you met him 10 years ago?

Kyomi: (crying) Yes.

Auctioneer: Wanna know what I did to him?

Kyomi: (crying) DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING!!!

Auctioneer: When he was my slave. I did the same stuff to him to what I'm doing right now. Wanna know the worst case scenario?

Kyomi: (crying) DON'T SAY ANYTHING!!!

Auctioneer: I drug him with a very illegal drug that made him forget about you.


Auctioneer: Say what you want but its done now. I'll be back in a hour to start the next game.

He leaves.

Kyomi: (crying) Jirou please help me.

She reminisces from the past.

Nonoko: Kyomi stop switching personalities with this body.

Kyomi: Aw come on. I just wanna talk to him real quick.

She meets Jirou.

Jirou: Oh hey fox girl.

Kyomi: (smiling) Hi.

Jirou: Is that tail real.

Kyomi: Of course it is. I'm a kitsune.

Jirou: Isn't that a fox that can grow up to nine tails?

Kyomi: Yes.

Jirou: Where are you from?

Kyomi: I wasn't born anywhere. I was created.

Jirou: Who created you?

Kyomi: You did.

Jirou: Whoa seriously?! No way! Do you have a name?

Kyomi: My name is Kyomi.

Jirou: That's a beautiful name. (smiling) Your cute.

Kyomi: (blushing)(smiling) Really?

Jirou: Of course. Humans aren't the only beautiful ones. You are too.

Kyomi: (happy) Thank you!

She hugs him.

Jirou: My name is Jirou by the way.

Kyomi: Hey Jirou? Why are you laying between two graves?

Jirou: My mom is on the left side of me, and my dad is on the right. I like to visit them and talk about my day.

Kyomi gives them flowers.

Kyomi: These are for your parents.

Jirou: Thanks.

She puts them on his parents grave.

Kyomi: Hey have you ever heard of Amaterasu?

Jirou: Yeah. Shes the sun goddess. She came off of Izanagi's left eye, and she's Susanoo and Tsukiyomi's sister.

Ichirou: Jirou. Come on we gotta go.

Kyomi: Jirou? We'll we ever see each other again?

Jirou: I think one day we will.

Kyomi kisses him on the cheek.

Kyomi: (blushing)(smiling) See you again soon.

They leave.

She stops reminiscing. The scene switches to Shori and Jirou.

Shori: We're going to Yokohama everyone. Lets go save Kyomi.

They leave.

Hisoka hears something.

Hisoka: Shori. There are two people approaching.

Satoshi: Yes she's right.

Jirou: One of them has similar scent to mine.

Narumi and Akiyo shows up.

Narumi: I win again.

Akiyo: (breathing hard) I was so close!

Hisoka: Are you enemies?

Akiyo: No. We are your allies. We're on your side.

Shori: So you guys are looking for Kyomi too?

Akiyo: No. I don't know who she is. We're looking for Savage, so we can kill her.

Jirou: Who are you then? And why is your scent similar to mine?

Akiyo: Lets introduce ourselves. This is my gorgeous teacher Narumi.

Narumi: (blushing) How many times do I have to tell you not to flatter me like that?

Akiyo: My name is Akiyo Tsukioka. I am the descendant of Tsukiyomi and your younger half brother.

Shori: You never mentioned you have another brother.

Jirou: I didn't even know that my father was with another woman after my mom died.

Akiyo: Yep. I'm your brother.

Ryu: I swear. All three of you are dangerous. First Shori who's Susanoo's next nose, Jirou who's Amaterasu's left eye, and now this guy is Tsukiyomi's right eye.

Jirou: So will you help us?

Akiyo: Finding your friend, we have to say no.

Jirou: Why?

Akiyo: We're targeting Savage. She's way worse than Auctioneer. The psycho bitch needs to die. Afterwards we'll help.

Jirou: Okay.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 54- Three disciples


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