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What is spice wolf about? Anyone knows?


  Akiyo now has to train without his mother. She has decided to mate and have more children. Meanwhile Akiyo heads back to his cabin.

Kosumi: Akiyo?

Akiyo: Yeah?

Kosumi: Head back to your cabin immediately. It's a full red moon.

Akiyo: I don't get what you're trying to tell me.

Kosumi: Felines especially nekomatas and tigers are extremely aggressive around each other. Do not let Narumi see you tonight. She will attack you.

Akiyo: Narumi is very calm though.

Li Juan: The monkey is right. The two of you are way too aggressive. This is the worst time for cats to be around each other.

Narumi pounces on Akiyo and attacks him.

He punches her off him.

Akiyo: What the hell is wrong with you?!

Narumi: (glaring)

Akiyo: (angry) That look is pissing me off.

He walks up to her.


She punches him in the gut.

Akiyo: (gasping for air)

She slings him through the trees.

Akiyo gets back up.

Akiyo: Where the hell are you at?!

Narumi attacks from the left.

Akiyo: (angry) I'm not going to have you pounce on me again!

He punches her in the face.

Akiyo: (angry) You're pissing me off!

He starts punching her in the stomach.

Narumi bites him.

Akiyo: Waning moon!

He reverses her attack and kicks her in the face.

Li Juan: This guy doesn't stand a chance.

Kosumi: Narumi's punches have more force than Akiyo's. But Akiyo is faster than she is.

Li Juan: These damn Japanese are going at it.

Kosumi: I find it sad that these two are fighting.

Li Juan: What the hell is so sad about this?

Kosumi: Akiyo admires her and loves her so much. But this isn't the way he wants to fight her.

Narumi: This is all you got. You are a descendant of a god and this is all you have to offer.

They all sense something sinister and evil.

Li Juan: (shocked) What the hell is up with him? His aura is skyrocketing tenfold.

Kosumi: Where the hell is all this power coming from?!

Li Juan: Is he being tempered?

Kosumi: I think so.

Akiyo: (angry) It isn't like you to go off and talk shit.

Narumi: (in thought) This is the same aura I sensed 2 years ago.

He walks up to her.

Akiyo: Still wanna fight!

She starts using her yin.

Akiyo: So you wanna start off passive? Well you are gonna have to get aggressive!

He punches her.

Narumi: (coughing blood)

Akiyo: I'm tired of people mocking me!

He keeps punching her.

Akiyo: I'm tired of people playing with my emotions!

He unlocks his odo's darkness.


He knees her in the gut.

Narumi: (coughing blood)


He hits her and knocks her out.

Kosumi: Akiyo. Where did all that power come from?

Akiyo: I don't know. I still cant figure it out.

Kosumi: Are you okay?

Akiyo: I'm fine. I'm just mad after what Narumi said.

Kosumi: Who's Layla?

Akiyo: A woman that I've loved for a long time.

We walks to Narumi and goes to sleep.

The next morning.

Akiyo: Are you good now?

Narumi: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.

Akiyo: Why did you do that?

Narumi: I was jealous. You're so gifted with all these talents and I'm not.

Akiyo: Do I need to cheer you up again?

Narumi: Don't. You little pervert if you- (laughing)

Akiyo tickles her.

Narumi: (laughing) Akiyo stop! Don't grope my chest!

Akiyo: Maybe I should grope you down there.

Narumi: (blushing)(laughing) Akiyo! Don't! If you do that I will-

He gropes her.

Narumi: (blushing)(laughing)

He stops.

Narumi: (blushing) Pervert.

Akiyo: If you want I can help you turn into a Nekomata.

Narumi: There's no way that's impossible.

Akiyo: It's up to you though.

Narumi: I don't know.

Akiyo: It's your pride as a tiger isn't it?

Narumi: (sigh) Yeah.

Akiyo: Nekomata's are supposed to be the strongest cats.

Narumi: I know. Behind them are tigers.

Akiyo: If you wanna know the secret. I'll teach you. After all you did say about protecting your student.

Narumi: I know.

Akiyo: In two years we're going to China.

Narumi: Why China?

Akiyo: There's a dragon I need to see and there are carnages I want to kill.

Narumi: What kind of assassins are there?

Akiyo: The dragon I received information from Tomiko is a ruthless Sun yee on member. I need more firepower. There's a nurse over there, apparently she can heal the body with sound and flames. She is a nine tailed Youko.

Narumi: Aren't they related to kitsunes?

Akiyo: Yes but they are more aggressive. Her name is Yuehai. We need someone with medical skills.

Narumi: Anyone else?

Akiyo: A panda named Zhu. Apparently any food she cooks and eats its grants her mysterious powers.

Narumi: Is that all?

Akiyo: Oh this is rare. A harpy.

Narumi: What's a harpy doing in China?

Akiyo: I don't know. Harpies are from Greece. This one is almost more shady than Youko.

Narumi: She must be very clever.

Akiyo: She's excels very well in martial arts. Just her knee can break a dragons ribs.

Narumi: How is that possible? Harpies are frail and light creatures.

Akiyo: Speed.  

Narumi: What's her name?

Akiyo: Fenfang. Her fighting style is mixed with martial arts and spiritual religion. That's why we have to train harder. These people keep getting bigger and badder.

Narumi: I don't expect my student to do all the work.

Akiyo: Let's keep training.

The scene switches to Bejing, China.

Ruomei: (smoking)

Zhu: (smiling) No smoking in the restaurant Ruomei.

Ruomei: Gonna do something about it.

Zhu: (smiling) Nope. I just know you wont listen.

Ruomei: You damn right I wont cause I don't give a shit. I'm a 3rd in command Sun Yee on. I've done more illegal shit not even your ancestors could comprehend to.

Zhu: (smiling) That's not nice.

Ruomei: (annoying) Hey fatass I don't care. Fix me something to eat.

Zhu: What would you like?

Ruomei: Anything that doesn't kill me.

She fixes her something to eat.

Ruomei: 5 minutes. Not bad.

Yuehai enters in the restaurant.

Zhu: Yuehai did you get into it again with your boyfriend?

Yuehai: (lying) Oh no there were a group of kids playing shaolin soccer. It hit me in the face and-

Ruomei: Don't start with that bullshit again. You know damn well you sat there like the mutt you are and let him beat you again.

Yuehai: (depressed) Yeah he beat me again.

Fenfang enters in the restaurant.

Ruomei: Still picking fights Fenfang?

Fenfang: Yep.

Ruomei: Get the hell away from my food.

Fenfang: Is that ramen? I want some!

Ruomei punches her in the face and has her flying through the other side of the restaurant.

Ruomei: Stay away from my food.

Zhu: Please don't be violent in the restaurant. It means everything to me since papa died.

Ruomei: I'll be more careful.

Fenfang: Rude! No wonder you can't get a man. That's why you'll never get a family.

Ruomei grabs her by the throat.


She beats her and throws her across the restaurant again.

Roumei: (angry) You bitch! Say that shit again! I'll burn all your damn feathers off!

Zhu intervenes.

Zhu: (crying) Don't damage this place anymore! Just stop okay?! Pa wouldn't like that!

Ruomei: Fine.

She pays for her food and damages.

Ruomei: I'm outta here.

She leaves.

Zhu: (crying) Ruomei has feelings too. You took it too far.

Fenfang: (coughing blood) All because I said she can't get a man?

Zhu: She chooses not to have one. Her last lover died on her.

Yuehai: Believe it or not she does care about us.

She heals her.

Yuehai: But you cant just do whatever around her. That's asking for trouble.

Fenfang: Where is she going?

Yuehai: She's making money at a brothel.

Fenfang: Why's a high ranking member like her doing prostitution?

Yuehai: That's how Li Yun does things with female members. It's really messed up.

The scene switches back to Ruomei.

Ruomei: Times up.

The customer pays her. She gets dressed.

Ruomei: You know who I am?

Customer: Yeah.

She pulls her sword.

Ruomei: Are you sure?

Customer: I mean no!

Ruomei: Keep it that way.

She sheathes her sword and leaves. She heads to the jailhouse.

Ruomei: So you little shits getting into trouble again?

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 93- Scared straight
  Tomorrow is Raiden's birthday. He will be 17, also Ryuu has a special surprise for him. What is it though?

Raiden leaves the cabin.

Hiyori: What do you think Ryuu is going to do for you?

Raiden: I have no idea.

Hiyori: Anything you want on your birthday?

Raiden: Kill Li Yun. That's my birthday wish.

Bunta shows up.

Raiden: You don't know when to quit do you?

Bunta: I'm not gonna let some punkass knock me out like that.

He swings his sword.

Raiden: So you wanna die? Throwing your life away is what you really want?

Bunta keeps swinging at him.

Raiden: What a disappointment.

He pierces him in the chest and kills him.

Bunta: (coughing blood)

Raiden: Should've stayed down the first time.

He leaves.

Hiyori: That was really stupid.

Raiden: I swear these bandits have no common sense whatsoever.

He heads home and goes to sleep.

Hiyori: Goodnight Raiden-kun.

Raiden: Goodnight Hiyori-chan.

The next morning Hiyori wakes him up.

Raiden wakes up.

Hiyori: (smiling) Happy birthday Raiden!

Raiden: Thank you.

They eat breakfast today.

Hiyori: So what's the plan today birthday boy?

Raiden: I don't know. A normal day I guess.

Hiyori: That doesn't seem fun.

Raiden: Do some training later on.

Hiyori: Yeah.

They leave the house and he meets up with all the Kobayashi members.

Raiden: What's the matter guys?

Kobayashi members: Happy birthday Raiden!

Raiden: (smiling) Thanks guys.

Kobayashi member (1): We decided.

Raiden: On what?

Kobayashi member (1): We all want you to be the next leader for our clan.

Raiden: There's no one else who can take that role?

Kobayashi member (2): Raiden. You have more talent than anyone else. You're just as good as your dad. We want you to be the next leader for our clan. Please say yes.

Raiden: If it really means that much to you guys then I accept.

They all hug him.

Kobayashi members: All of us love you Raiden.

Raiden: (smiling) I love you guys too.

Ryuu starts walking over to their homes.

Kobayashi member (1): Who is he?

Raiden: That's Ryuu Yamada. Hachiman's descendant.

One of the members draws his sword.

Raiden: Put it away. He's not an enemy.

He sheathes his sword back.

Raiden: The Kobayashi are friends with the Yamada.

Kobayashi member (1): Are they really?

Raiden: Yes. Rajin-dono is one of Hachiman's students.

Kobayashi member (2): Who's the other one?

Raiden: Fujin.

Ryuu: (tired) Happy birthday Raiden.

Raiden: Thank you Ryuu-senpai.

Kobayashi: Why are you calling him your superior?

Raiden: Because I'm joining in the same barracks as him. He's going to be the new officer.

Ryuu: (tired) Yep that's right.

Raiden: Are you okay? You look awful.

Ryuu: I've been training for hours with these weights. So far I can only walk with these things on.

Raiden: You'll be fast though. But I'll be faster still.

Ryuu: (tired)(smiling) Aren't you confident. Anyway's I have your present for you.

Raiden: What is it?

He slowly lifts his arms.

Ryuu: Nnnnnngggh!!! There! Take it!

He takes it.

Raiden: A piece of paper?

Ryuu: No. It's more than that.

Raiden: Raiden Yamada Kobayashi. But I don't have a middle name. Why is Yamada my middle name.

Ryuu: Starting today. I want to adopt you as my stepbrother.

Raiden: (surprised) Are you serious?

Ryuu: I know you lost both of your parents. Your mother was ill and your father had fallen in battle.

Raiden begins to cry.

Ryuu: I think I know your pain more than anyone else. I lost my father too.

Raiden: (crying) I never had a brother before.

Ryuu: Neither have I. I'm letting you join the Yamada clan. In return you can keep your surname.

Raiden: (crying) This is the best present ever. Thank you senpai!

Ryuu: You don't have to call me senpai. For now on we're brothers. I'll see you soon okay?

Raiden: (crying)(smiling) Okay Ni-san!

He teleports back to Rajin's cabin.

Rajin: You seem happy. I heard you're brothers.

Raiden: That's right! I'm so pumped up now! Teach me the next technique!

Rajin: (smiling) I see you're in a really good mood, but not today.

Raiden: Huh? Why not?

Rajin: It's your birthday. Go relax. That's your training for today, relax and enjoy your birthday.

Raiden: Okay Rajin-dono.

He leaves a cloud lifts him up into the sky.

Kuuya: Happy birthday Raiden!

Fumio: Happy birthday to you! Haw!

Raiden: (smiling) Thanks guys.

Kuuya: Lets eat cake together.

Raiden blows the candles. They eat cake.

The scene switches to Akiyo.

Miyako: You are progressing very well. I will teach you the next thing for training.

Akiyo: What will you be training me on this time?

Miyako: I'm going to teach you how to use yin.

Akiyo: I can learn that?

Miyako: Yes. You are associated with the darkness. Tigers aren't the only ones who can use yin. I will tell you this. Out of this assassin group you are the most dangerous one.

Akiyo: How?

Miyako: You understand the principles of a female. You have a gift of charisma.

Akiyo: Charisma?

Miyako: For some reason when you fight a female, help one in need or show intimacy towards a female, they are in your control. For example you tamed a hellhound. Not even a god can do that.

Akiyo: What happens hen I fully master the yin?

Miyako: There aren't many people who can do that. If their yin is fully mastered then you will go into an awakened state. It is so powerful I may not be able to stop you.

Akiyo: Awakened state? I felt that one time. Like this power came from no where from anger.

Miyako: How did it happen?

Akiyo: Set killed my unborn son. I just snapped. Then it went away.

Miyako: You were being tempered.

Akiyo: Can you teach me how to awaken?

Miyako: No. I want you to experience battles without it. If you want the power you have to discover it on your own.

Akiyo: Okay. I understand.

Miyako: Lets start training.

Two months later he learns how to use all principles of yin. Now he continues his skills by mastering them.

Akiyo: Hey mom? Ready for training?

Miyako: (blushing)(breathing hard) Sweetie. With the rest of the 2 years Tsukiyomi will have to teach you.

Akiyo: Are you okay?

Miyako: I'm fine. Could you do your mother a huge favor please?

Akiyo: What is it?

Miyako: (blushing) Tell your father. "It's time".

Akiyo: Okay.

He flies to Amaterasu's cabin.

The scene switches to Jirou.

Jirou: Hm.

Kyomi: What is it?

Jirou: Akiyo left the cabin.

Kyomi: I wonder why.

He shows up.

Jirou: Hey Akiyo what's the matter?

Akiyo: Where's dad?

Jirou: He's not here right now. Is something wrong?

Akiyo: My mother said "it's time". She didn't look well and she had a very odd scent and odor.

Kyomi: (giggling) She's fine Akiyo. She's just starting her motherhood again.

Jirou: (confused) What are you talking about?

Kyomi: This is very natural for female animals. The molly is ready to be a queen again.

Jirou: What?

Kyomi: Seriously Jirou? You don't know what a molly or a queen is?

Akiyo: Wait. Mom is ready to have another baby?

Kyomi: Yes. She's in heat. Honestly I'm surprised she wants another child after what happened with you.

Akiyo: She probably wanted to have another one after me.

Kyomi: I guess so.

Akiyo: Well. I'm going back to training. Later.

He leaves.

Kyomi: (teasing) Do you think we'll have children?

Jirou: (blushing) You too?!

Kyomi: (giggling) I'm only teasing. We can have one when both of us is ready.

Akiyo heads back to the cabin.

Akiyo: Did dad already take care of her?

Tsukiyomi: They just left. Let them be.

Two weeks later Miyako spends time with her lover.

Miyako: I'm sorry I got in the way of your sons training.

Kohaku: It's okay. It's only natural. Do you still need to continue mating?

Miyako: I'm already pregnant.

Kohaku: (surprised) I see. Akiyo was so much different and difficult.

Miyako: (blushing) You don't have to be around anymore if you want. You can leave.

He rubs her belly.

Kohaku: I cant look for another woman. Not after losing my wife. I rather settle down with you again.

Miyako: (emotional)(crying) Oh Kohaku. I love you so much.

Kohaku: I love you too.

Miyako: (blushing)(smiling) I'm having twins this time. Are you going to be there when I give birth to them?

Kohaku: I was there for Akiyo's birth. Now its their turn.

Miyako: I'm so glad I'm having a baby with you again.

Kohaku: Will you go back to assassinating after this?

Miyako: No. I'm done. I'm officially retired.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 92- Evenings aggression
  Hachiman teaches them the way of the sword. They are taught how to cut nothing. The task is to not cut the paper and learn how to make the choice to cut anything or nothing.

Ryuu: How many papers have you went through?

Sayomi: Like 50. Honjo doesn't want to cooperate for some reason.

Ryuu: This is hard.

Hachiman: Shitty swordsmen. Both of you are pathetic. Especially you Ryuu.

Ryuu: (irritated) Don't even start Hachiman!

Hachiman: Not my problem your half dragon.

Sayomi: You're half dragon?

Ryuu: Yeah.

Sayomi: That's even harder to train as a dragon than it is with this cursed sword.

Ryuu: I know.

Hachiman: Ryuu. You are too aggressive with your sword. Calm down.

Ryuu: I am calm.

Hachiman: Sayomi stop being so passive with Honjo. Get aggressive.

Sayomi sheathes her sword.

Sayomi: Okay Honjo. What the hell is wrong with you?

Honjo: I don't trust you.

Sayomi: Why not?!

Honjo: What if you turn out like your brother?

Sayomi: I won't. Now will you please cooperate?

Honjo: If I cooperate you have to make a promise.

Sayomi: What do you want?

Honjo: What was that thing your spirit turned into?

Sayomi: It was a dark angel. The opposite of an angel.

Honjo: What's the difference of an angel and a dark angels?

Sayomi: Angels have a higher power and serve the heavens. Dark angels are angels exiled from the heavens or corrupted by evil. They are never allowed into the heavens.

Honjo: So If I cooperate, will you let me be an angel?

Sayomi: Sure. Just behave and listen. Is that a deal?

Honjo: Deal. But if you continue to drown into the darkness, I will possess your body and kill you.

Sayomi: I wont drown into the darkness.

She unsheathes her sword and cuts nothing.

Hachiman: Looks like Honjo cooperated this time. Have a seat.

She sits down.

Hachiman: Any day now?

Ryuu: (irritated) Hachi I am tired of your shit! Shut the hell up!

He stabs his sword to the ground.

Hachiman: Pick up your sword.

He pulls his sword out wooden floor.

Hachiman: You didn't cut it. You crinkled it instead. Could've been better.

Ryuu: Whatever.

Hachiman: However you must never use that sword again.

He tosses Ryuu another sword.

Ryuu: What's wrong with my sword.

Hachiman: It's damaged. It's beyond repairing.

Ryuu unsheathes his new sword.

Hachiman: This is no ordinary sword. Of all weapons this is the sharpest one. If a dragonfly were to land on the blade, it would split in half. You can also turn it into its original form. A spear.

Ryuu: This is Tonbogiri is it?

Hachiman: Correct.

Note: Tonbogiri is a legendary spear in Japanese folklore. It was crafted by a swordsmith Masazane.

Hachiman: I want you to cut nothing one more time with the Tonbogiri.

Ryuu: Is that a challenge?

Hachiman: Depends. Do you deserve this legendary spear?

Ryuu: Lets find out.

He swings at the paper and cuts nothing.

Ryuu: Guess I deserve this weapon.

Hachiman: I've seen better.

Ryuu: Piss off.

Hachiman: Next we will start your next training.

Ryuu: (sarcastic) Kill people with chopsticks?

Sayomi: (laughing)

Hachi gets angry and smacks both of them in the face with a wooden sword.

Hachiman: Done yet? Pathetic clowns?

Sayomi: I'm sorry.

Hachiman: Your training will be enhancing your speed and strength.

He takes him outside.

Hachiman: Here are your weights.

He puts them on both arms and legs. Sayomi and Ryuu both fall to the ground.

Sayomi: The hell is this?!

Hachiman: Well since you think training is funny, your weight has been doubled.

Sayomi: That's not my fault.

Hachiman: Since you wanna be a smartass and make jokes Ryuu, your weights are tripled the training.

Ryuu: That's bullshit!

Hachiman: Also no swords. Hand them here.

They hand him the swords.

Hachiman: You will keep these weights on. I don't care if you have to eat sleep or take a shit. They stay on.

Momo: Honey aren't you being to hard on these two?

Hachiman: No! Absolutely not! They joke around then they do things the hard way! Now start training!

The scene switches to Raiden.

Raijin: Still training huh?

Raiden: Yeah. I can't waste time on stuff. I have to help Ryuu kill Li Yun.

Raijin: Well I have some outlaws you can kill. They are bandits robbing places and causing a problem in the streets. It's in your neighborhood along with your clan.

Raiden teleports.

Raiden: Which one of you are the bandits?

Bunta: Who the hell are you?

Raiden: Raiden Kobayashi. Leave this place now.

Bunta: (laughing) Little brat! You know what I could do to you?!

Raiden: Do you know what I can do to you?

Bunta: Trying to mock me kid?! You're just some brat of a dead commander!

Raiden gets angry and punches him in the gut.

Bunta: (electrocuted)

He kicks him in the face.

Bunta: You bastard! Don't think you can just do what you want!

All the bandits gang up on him.

Raiden: Hiyori get rid of all these losers for me.

Bunta: What's a rat going to do?

Raiden: (angry) She's a weasel!

Lots of electricity flows around in the area.

Bunta: (angry) You think a stupid dance is going to be me?! Unsheathe your sword!

Raiden dodges his swings.

Raiden: That stupid dance is making me more powerful.

Note: Raiden's family  the Kobayashi clan are well known for a special dance known as the thunder dance. By sliding his feet around the ground he generates more electricity making him faster and more powerful.

He uppercuts him in the face.

Raiden: The thunder dance grants me more electricity or lightning as long as there is no insulators.

He drops lightning from the sky.

Raiden: Tempered lighting! Wolfpack strike!

He strikes him with lightning.

Raiden: I let you off easy. If I had used my drum you'd be dead now.

Note: All members of the Kobayashi clan use a drum. The drum is used to amplify their attacks.

Raiden: Losers done yet?

Hiyori: Yeah they left.

Raiden: Lets go.

They leave.

Someone flies down on a cloud.

Raiden: Oh hey Kuuya-chan.

Kuuya: Raiden-kun! I'm so glad to see you again!

Raiden: You're glad to see your own rival? (smiling) How ironic from a Fujimoto member.

Kuuya: It's not like I hated you though.

Raiden: No its funny how we turned out best friends.

Kuuya: Come on lets relax in the skies.

Raiden: Okay.

They float in the skies and lay on clouds.

Raiden: This is exactly how we became friends.

Kuuya: I remember how lightning would strike you every time.

Raiden: Yeah well. I remember how the wind would always blow you away.

Kuuya: (laughing) Yeah that was funny! You know you wanna laugh!

Raiden: You know what happens if I laugh, get angry or cry. I end up causing thunderstorms.

Fumio: Don't make him laugh Kuuya. Haw!

Kuuya: By the way you never told me how you and Hiyori meet.

Raiden: She was struck by lightning and fell off a cliff into the ocean. I took care of her and I ended up choosing a weasel as my partner.

Kuuya: She doesn't look all that dangerous.

Fumio: Nope you're wrong Kuuya. Weasels are carnivores with claws and fangs don't underestimate them. Haw!

Raiden: She's pretty dangerous. Especially as a raiju.

Kuuya: Well Fumio is dangerous too. This crow is very intelligent.

Fumio: (shocked) Squaa! Kuuya! I'm not just a crow! I'm a tengu! Haw!

Kuuya: Right right sorry.

Raiden: How did you two meet?

Kuuya: Fumio was looking food and thought I was dead. So he tried scavenging on me but I woke up.

Raiden: Birds have to eat. They are scavengers.

Fumio: Correct! Haw!

Kuuya: So I have good news.

Raiden: What?

Kuuya: I'm going to be a sergeant just like you in the same barracks.

Raiden: That's great! Our powers combine very well! Descendants of Rajin and Fujin! We should let Ryuu know about this.

Kuuya: He's the leader?

Raiden: Yeah. He's Hachiman's descendant.

Kuuya: Can I ask you something?

Raiden: What is it?

Kuuya: Have you been okay after your dad passed?

Raiden: I'll be fine. I'll be a great samurai just like my dad.

Kuuya: I know you will.

They fly over to Hachiman's cabin.

Radien: Ryuu-senpai!

Ryuu: Oh hey Raiden.

Raiden: What's up with the weights?

Ryuu: Well I made a joke and he tripled my weights.

Kuuya: Thunderstorm is coming.

Raiden: (smiling) So what did you make a joke about?

Ryuu: Killing people with chopsticks.

Raiden: Pfft!(laughing) I can't breathe! That's hilarious! I'm Ryuu I'm gonna kill you with chopsticks!

Ryuu: (in thought) Don't laugh. Although it is funny.

Raiden: (laughing) What are going to do poke peoples eyes with them?!

Ryuu: Pffft! (laughing) Shut up! You'll piss off Hachiman!

Hachiman smacks him in the face with a wooden sword again.

Hachiman: (angry) You son of a bitch! You still think that smart ass joke is funny huh?!

He touches his weights.

Hachiman: Your weights have been quadrupled!

Ryuu: Oh come on!

Raiden: Phew! That was too funny!

The thunderstorm clears away.

Raiden: Oh hey Hachi-dono.

Hachiman: Good afternoon.

Ryuu: By the way. Who is she Raiden?

Raiden: That's Kuuya Fujimoto. She's going to be your other sergeant in your team.

Ryuu: Fujimoto. Aren't they Fujin's children rivaled with Raijin's?

Raiden: Yep.

Kuuya: Nice to meet you Ryuu-senpai.

Ryuu: Good meeting you.

Kuuya: Hey Raiden. Isn't your birthday tomorrow?

Raiden: Yeah. I'll be 17.

Ryuu: I had no idea. I guess I have to give you your present tomorrow.

Raiden: I wonder what it is.

Ryuu: You'll find out.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 91- Heavy gift

  Sayomi has defeated her older brother from the Nakamura clan, and the member of the bakudaina known as the bloodline; Takumi Nakamura. After her victory, she allows Yukio to fix and clean his body and wounds. They go back to her hometown a week later and prepare for his funeral. The family continues to live on redeemed.

Sayomi finishes praying.

Kazumi: Sweetie are you okay?

Sayomi: I'll manage.

Kazumi: Okay.

Sayomi: Thank you for being a good mom. I'm sorry for giving her a hard time. Even though she was my stepmother. I loved her company. That was his last words.

Kazumi: Well I'm glad I was able give him some company. I'm gonna miss your brother.

Sayomi: I'll see you around mom. Hachiman is waiting for me.

Kazumi: Okay sweetie you be safe.

They leave and go to the hot springs.

Sayomi bathes in the water.

Sayomi: (sigh)

Yukio: Hello Sayomi.

Sayomi: (blushing) Eh! How did you get in here?!

Yukio: This is a mixed bathing springs.

Sayomi: (blushing) Yeah well its not like I wanted you in here.

Yukio: I'm worried about you. Are you okay?

Sayomi: No.

Yukio: It'll be alright.

Sayomi: I know.

Yukio: Hey can I ask you a question?

Sayomi: What is it?

Yukio: What's an angel?

Sayomi: They are supposed to be one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. They are humans with wings on their back. They are protectors for humans and servants to the gods. They have extraordinary abilities, and they are the purest of all mythical creatures.

Yukio: You think I can be one?

Sayomi: I'm sure there's a way.

Yukio: Being a vampire is a bore. I cant eat good food, my skin is always cold, and its so annoying that all I can taste is blood. I want a new life.

Sayomi: That's fine.

Yukio: You're a lot warmhearted than I thought.

Sayomi: I never said I was a cold person.

Yukio: I thought you were mean.

Sayomi: I never said that. I don't mind opening up to people.

Yukio: Um, can I ask you one more question?

Sayomi: Are you hungry?

Yukio: Uh no. Its more important than that.

Sayomi: I don't know what you want. What is it?

Yukio: Can I be your boyfriend?

Sayomi: Yukio I don't know. I love your company and you're really hot.

Yukio: But?

Sayomi: I am bisexual. I may have feelings for a girl and I don't want to hurt your feelings or anything.

Yukio: I'm well aware of that, but I just like being around you. Yeah you may be hard and tough on me, but you have a caring side I like.

Sayomi: I'm a bit nervous. Just give me more time okay sweetie?

Yukio: Yes ma'am Sayohime.

Sayomi: Sayohime?

Yukio: Just a nickname since you're a princess.

Sayomi: That's so cute!

Yukio: Sayohime?

Sayomi: Yes sweetie.

Yukio: I'm hungry. May I start feeding please.

Sayomi: Yes you may.

He bites her neck and starts feeding.

Sayomi: Ah!

He keeps drinking.

Sayomi: Yukio. It hurts.

He continues sucking blood.

Sayomi: Let go!

He bites harder and continues sucking blood.

Sayomi: I said let go!

She punches him.

Sayomi: (upset) That really hurt! When I say let go you let go! Do you understand?!

Yukio: Yes ma'am. I'm sorry.

Sayomi: (sigh) Why didn't you let go?

Yukio: I don't know. The taste was just rushing to my head. The taste of your blood changed.

Sayomi: What do you mean?

Yukio: It taste better than before.

Sayomi: (embarrassed) You vampires are so complicated. I wish you could eat food like humans

Yukio: It's not my fault. Tomomi created me as a vampire.

Sayomi: All I ask is that if you want to feed then please be gentle.

Yukio: May I continue my meal please?

Sayomi: Be gentle.

Yukio continues feeding.

Sayomi: Plus if you want to be my man, then you have to start learning how to treat a princess. Didn't Tomomi teach you?

Yukio: I never met Tomo.

Sayomi: Oh. Anyways why do you wanna be my boyfriend so badly? Don't you hate me?

Yukio: No I don't. I love you so much that I'm willing to do anything to help you along the way.

Sayomi: And what can you do to help me?

Yukio: Fix your wound.

Sayomi: What wound?

Yukio: Your heart. It's filled with so much despair. I wanna turn all that despair and hate into love.

Sayomi: Is that what you want?

Yukio: Yes. I'm practically dead so it doesn't matter. I want to serve you.

Sayomi: Your lack of emotions prove it.

Yukio: As a vampire I have poor emotions. I wish I could express more to you.

Sayomi: Lets head for Hachiman's cabin.

Yukio: Yes Sayohime.

They get dressed and leave the hot springs.

Sayomi: Hi.

Hachiman: Ready to go?

Sayomi: Lets start training.

Hachiman cuts open a dimension and heads to his cabin.

Ryuu: Sayomi? Why she here Hachiman?

Hachiman: Because she is the descendant of my younger brother. The Nakamura clan are the side branch from the Yamada clan. She can learn the same techniques I will be teaching you. What a hassle. To train a draconian and a demon.

Sayomi: Why do you hate demons and dragons so much?

Hachiman: A dragon killed my middle brother, then Honjo that same damn sword that keeps showing up around you cursed my youngest brother. He killed himself afterwards.

Ryuu: Sayomi is that true?

Sayomi: Yes. The Nakamura are the side branch of Hachiman's youngest brother. In a way the two of us are cousins.

Hachiman: I'm going to be strict as hell with you two. Especially you Ryuu you tend to have the worst temper of all Yamada members.

Ryuu: (sarcastic) Real nice.

Sayomi: Question.

Hachiman: What is it Sayomi?

Sayomi: Why does your cabin look like a warzone outside.

Hachiman: Do you see those eight flags and skulls out there? All eight of those skulls that are stabbed with flags are leaders I killed.

Sayomi: Who started the war?

Hachiman: I did. I would take out and kill ever single leader who owned this flag.

Sayomi: I bet you had a lot of subordinates in your army.

Hachiman: I did not. They watch me singlehandedly slaughter every single clan and army. I slaughtered everything till there was nothing left.

Ryuu: You killed every single army by yourself?

Hachiman: Yes. I wanted the world to know that not every single warrior in this world we're ruthless brutes. I traveled country by country and gave everyone peace. But as I came back to Japan. My last war was with my master. I slaughtered and killed him and his army. However there was one person I just could not kill.

Ryuu: Who was it?

Hachiman: The god of lightning. Raijin. As bad as I felt for him I couldn't kill him.

Sayomi: So what did you do?

Hachiman: He admitted defeat and surrendered. I gave him mercy.

Ryuu: Why?

Hachiman: He reminded me like my brother. He was very unique. The day I fought him was the day I discovered something new. I asked him what technique is that? Its not swordsmanship. He said your right, its lightning. I knew that day that he had a gift. So I spared him.

Ryuu: So what is todays lesson?

Hachiman: Learning the way of the sword.

He pull out a pieces of paper. He draws his sword and cuts nothing.

Hachiman: A sword that can cut anything is not a sword. A sword that can cut nothing can cut anything.

Ryuu: That makes no sense. All swords have to cut something, your blade must be really dull.

Sayomi: A sword that cuts nothing is useless.

Hachiman: You can choose whether you want to cut someone or something. Like I chose not to cut this paper. A warrior has a choice on how he wants to settle things. So do you two.

He gives him hundreds of papers.

Hachiman: Todays training. Do not cut anything. You may not help each other either.

Ryuu: Sounds easy.

Hachiman: Ryuu you lack in patience and tolerance. You need more self control in your swordsmanship.

Ryuu: (irritated)

Hachiman: And Sayomi. You have the potential, however Honjo's cooperation may not be easy. That cursed sword may have its habits on cutting things still.

Sayomi: (in thought) He's right. Honjo just cuts whatever he wants. I don't know if he'll listen to me yet.

Hachiman: Start your training.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 90- Lacking progress
  Sayomi tells Ryuu she has unfinished business to take care of. She continues walking through a meadow and meets up with her older brother Takumi.

She finds her older brother staring at her, blood dripping down his face.

Sayomi: This is the last time you will eat another human.

She puts a basket down.

Sayomi: Once this fight is over we can eat rice balls like old times.

Takumi: I don't want that shitty food. You know I cant eat it.

Sayomi: Don't be like that. At least let it be your last meal.

Takumi: If you can make this place my deathbed.

Blood drips off his face and touches a flower petal. They begin fighting and draw swords.

Takumi: Bloody armor! Samurai edition!

The blood around him hardens his body and forms his own armor.

Takumi: Is this how you really how you wanna die?! Think about it! If you do this is how they clan will turn out!

Sayomi: That's why I'm the redeemer.

She starts a war cry and powers up.

Sayomi: (yelling)

Takumi: So this is your power huh? It was so low back then. And now its spiked up that high.

Sayomi: Just make sure you're I don't get behind you.

Takumi: As if! Why would I- (shocked)

Sayomi swings from behind, Takumi blocks it.

Takumi: What the hell. There's no way you were right there!

Sayomi: No my shadow was there. I teleported next to yours.

Note: Sayomi has multiple powers. She has luck, manipulation, exoskeleton, and shadow abilities. She can manipulate any supernatural abilities including peoples minds as long as she kills someone who has an ability.

Takumi: Well then. My little sister is no pushover.

Sayomi: Watch yourself big brother.

They continue fighting. Sayomi steps in blood.

Takumi: Harden!

Her foot gets stuck into the ground.

Sayomi: Dammit!

Takumi: Samurai's edition! Bloody spear!

He runs at full spear and tries to stab her with it.

Sayomi: (in thought) Focus.

She focus all her energy on her tail.

Sayomi: Now!

She catches the bloody spear with her tail.

Takumi: Seriously! Die already! I don't want my sisters body going to waste!

He tries to push it towards her stomach. It slowly starts poking her.

Sayomi hardens her body.

Sayomi: I guess that's not enough to satisfy you. Let me take it to another level.

Takumi: (in thought) Her energy is spiking up even higher!

She swings and cuts him.

Takumi: (bleeding) Are you a ghoul too?!

Sayomi: No. I'm a succubus.

Takumi: The hell was that bones?! Only ghouls can do that!

Sayomi: That was my bones. That was my spirit.

Takumi starts to harden his body.

Takumi: Bloody armor! Samurai edition 2!

Sayomi: How cold and sinister.

Sayomi: Shut up!

He starts swinging at her.

Takumi: (irritated) I'm just asking you to die! Is that too hard to ask!

Bloody arrows start falling from the sky.

Sayomi: Shit!

She barely dodges it.

Sayomi: (in thought) His arrows are shooting at me before I can even try to attack. I need to increase my speed.

She increases her speed and starts passing through the arrows.

Sayomi: I told you I'm no pushover!

Takumi stabs her in the chest in mid air.

Sayomi: (coughing blood)

Takumi: Know your place little sister.

He slings blood on her face.

Sayomi: (screaming) My eyes!

Takumi: Stings doesn't it?

Sayomi: You asshole!

Takumi: Say whatever you want. I really don't care.

He stabs her again.

Takumi: I guess they family will be corrupted again. Goodbye Sayomi.

He misses.

Takumi: What the hell!

He keeps trying to stab her and continues missing.

Takumi: What the hell is this bullshit Konzetsu?!

Sayomi: (in thought) I thought I heard something.

Honjo: You did.

Sayomi: Konzetsu?

Honjo: How rude of you?! Don't call me by that ridiculous name! Address me as Honjo!

Sayomi: Your real name is Honjo?

Honjo: Yes.

Sayomi: Okay Honjo I have a question. Why are you helping me? My brother is the wielder.

Honjo: I'm tired of his behavior. He kills people for the wrong purpose. I wont tolerate it anymore. All I'm saying is if he wanted to kill someone it should've been a person who isn't innocent.

Honjo sheathes himself.

Honjo: And this family feud crap. I'm tired of it. You kow how many years I had to put up with this shit? Count me out I quit.

Takumi: Konzetsu! You traitor!

Honjo: Whatever! I'm not coming out this sheathe until someone is worthy of using me!

Takumi: Son of a bitch! Fuck you then!

He throws the sword in the water.

Sayomi: You made the sword upset. I don't think it'll ever forgive you again.

Takumi: I'll find another way to kill you.

He steals Sayomi's sword.

Takumi: Like I said know your place!

He tries to stab Sayomi again, but Honjo flies straight out the water and pierces his chest.

Takumi: (coughing blood)

Sayomi: Honjo.

Honjo: Why do you want to kill your brother?

Sayomi: I just want to keep the peace in the family. It shouldn't be tainted anymore.

The sword lays on her lap.

Takumi: So all of a sudden you change your mind and choose my sister now? I'M REALLY SICK OF ALL THIS LUDACRIS BULLSHIT!!!

He lunges at her. Sayomi quickly blocks it.

Sayomi: It's time for you to go big brother.

Her exoskeleton takes form into something very spiritual, beautiful and majestic.

Honjo: (in thought) What is that?

Takumi: Are you some saint?

Sayomi: No Takumi. I'm just a redeemer.

Takumi: I refuse to lose to you.

Sayomi: One cut will take you down.

They cross and cut each other.

Sayomi sword breaks, and Takumi falls to the ground.

Takumi: I lost.

Sayomi: Now please have lunch with me. One last time.

They eat.

Takumi: They're delicious.

Sayomi: (shocked) What? I thought they were awful for you.

Takumi: I thought I was going to vomit with my own blood if I tasted this again. For some reason it tastes good.

He lays unconsciously on her lap.

Takumi: What was that? It was so beautiful.

Sayomi: It was the form of an angel.

Takumi: That was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. To figure My own sister would kill me in the most beautiful way. How ironic. (crying) I'm really glad I got to see you one last time.

Sayomi: (crying) I told you that I love you. I would always be there for you.

Takumi: (crying) Thanks for keeping your promise.

Sayomi: (crying) I would never break it.

Takumi: Could you tell Kazumi something? Tell her thank you for being a good mom. I'm sorry for giving her a hard time.

Sayomi: (crying)

Takumi: Even though she was my stepmother. I loved her company.

Sayomi: (crying) Yeah. I'll tell her. That's a promise.

Takumi: (crying) Thanks Sayomi. I really do have the best sister a god could offer me.

Sayomi: (crying)

Takumi: It's time for me to go little sister.

His skin gets cold.

Takumi: Goodbye Sayomi. I love you.

Sayomi: (crying) I love you too.

He dies.

Yukio: I'm sorry for your loss.

Sayomi: (crying)(screaming)

He hugs her.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 89- Nakamura's branch

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