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When my pokemon are fully trained, which pokemon youtuber should I fight first? 

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So yes my name is SecondOtaku now. I wanted to pick a new name. I can only imagine how many of you guys will still call me Gm, Graffiti or whatever you guys call me. That's fine, you can call me that since I have that name longer lol. So back to fanfics.

Catch you later guys :D


  Urami's kidney disease has been fully cured. Now she decides to pick a fight with Sofi and teaches her a lesson. Who will win the fight?

Urami: I'm sorry did that hurt?

Sofi: (lying) Hell no.

Urami: I'm going to teach you a good lesson not to mess with sick people.

Sofi: Like you can really beat me.

Urami: (angry) I think I can! My flames are raging with red flames!

Her flames intensely burn red.

Urami: (angry) Take your best shot.

She zaps her.

Urami: (yelling)(angry)

She punches her full force.

Sofi: (coughing blood)

She kicks her in the face with her talons.

Urami: (angry) Dammit! So pissed off! Can't stand looking at you!

She grabs her leg and throws her.

Sofi: (in thought) She's not like before. What the hell is this?!

She appears right in front of her and hits her.

Urami: (angry) Red phoenix arrow!

She punches her in the stomach.

Sofi: (yelling)

Urami: Had enough?

Sofi: Never!

They sky is covered with black clouds.

Sofi: I'm not even halfway finished!

She flies up in the air.

Sofi: Thunderbirds storm! Raining lightning!

Lightning rains down on her.

Urami: I guess I'll have to change colors then. Because I'm yelling out yellow!

Her flames turn yellow and grows more intense.



She starts punching through all her lightning bolts. She flies straight through the air.




She cuts through her lightning and starts punching her.

Urami: Yellow mongoose slash!

Sofi: (gasping for air) Argh!

Nagisa: She incredible! Who knew a genin like her could take down a chunin.

Hisoka: Rank doesn't matter. Your rank only counts as far as experience. It has nothing to do with strength. I have known this girl long enough on what she wants from Sofi. It's not about payback. Its about wanting to be treated as a ninja on equal terms.

Urami: (yelling)(enraged) If you think I'm inferior to you think you are sadly mistaken! DONT YOU EVER BELITTLE ME!!!

She uppercuts her in the jaw.

Sofi: (in thought) Holy shit. I didn't know she was this powerful. Was she ever like this?

Urami: (angry) Do me a favor and take a nice kick of shut the hell up!

She kicks her in the back of the head and pummels her down to the ground.

Nagisa: Has she always been like this?!

Satoshi: I don't know. But her flames keep getting hotter!


A huge bolt of electricity gathers.

Sofi: Thunderbirds storm! Heavens beam!

It fires straight at Urami and hits her.

Urami: (screaming)

Sofi: That'll take care of you. You piece of shit.

She walks off.

Urami: Hey bitch? Who told you to walk away from me?

Sofi: (angry) What did you say to me?!

Urami: You heard me bitch! Don't walk off! You haven't remembered your way back!

Nagisa: That's what she means!

Hisoka: What are you talking about?

Nagisa: Remember your way back. She's making all her flame intensities turn red, yellow, white, then blue.

Urami: (angry) You little SHIT!!! DON'T YOU EVER TURNAWAY FROM ME!!!

Her flames intensifies and turns white!

Urami: Wild white!

She walks straight towards her.

Urami: You think its funny huh? Messing with sick people and treating them like shit? I'm about to show you just how serious it is to leave people alone.

She gets in a stance.

Hisoka: She's really mad. For her to go that far she really wants to teach her a lesson.

Nagisa: What is she doing?

Hisoka: She's using white panda. Its a counterattack move. All the pain she inflicted during the fight can be sent back to the opponent.

Sofi: Shut up!

She starts kicking her and electrocuting her.

Sofi: You know your place inferior! Don't underestimate- (gapsing for air)

Urami: (angry)(glaring) White panda counterattack!

She starts punching her!

Nagisa: How many punches has she been hit with?!

Hisoka: It's only been ten seconds and she landed about 700 punches.

Nagisa: That's really fast!

Urami places her fist on Sofi's chest.

Urami: White panda blast!

Sofi: (coughing blood)(yelling)

Urami: I'm not done yet. I'm blazing blue now!

Her flames burn blue.

Hisoka: (sigh) Urami you are too much.

Urami: Blue dragon dance!

She scatters all over the place and beats her.

Sofi: Okay you win. Just stop.

Urami: This fight isn't over till I say its over!

She front flips I the air and punches her to the ground.

Yukio: Damn that escalated quickly.


Nagisa: That was amazing. I didn't know you could fight like that.

Urami: I was only weak because of my disease. Now that i'm better my powers are restored.

Nagisa: Well I'm glad that you're feeling better. Lets go back.

Urami: Okay.

They go back.

Harue: You actually manage to find a cure for Urami.

Nagisa: Yes sir I did. A doctor gave her new organs. She will never deal with this disease ever again.

Harue: Well then Urami. If you are ready to start back on duty as a ninja then you may.

Urami: Thank you.

Harue: Here's your reward.

She opens the box.

Nagisa: Prisoner fruits.

Harue: My wife found them and she has no use for these. She's already pretty enough.

Nagisa: Thanks.

They leave.

Nagisa: Now you can be that gorgeous girl you want to be.

Urami: I think you'll look even prettier.

Nagisa: Really?

Urami: (smiling) Yeah. You look so damn hot and sexy.

Nagisa: (blushing)(smiling) I'm really flattered that you find me attractive. But I'm into men Urami.

Urami: Are you sure?

Nagisa: Yes.

She kisses her.

Nagisa: (blushing) Urami please stop.

Urami: Okay. I'm sorry.

She leaves.

Nagisa: (sigh)

Hisoka: What's the matter?

Nagisa: It's Urami. She's making me feel uncomfortable.

Hisoka: What did she do?

Nagisa: (blushing) She's "harassing" me. It's really embarrassing.

Hisoka: Did you tell her?

Nagisa: Yeah I said I prefer men.

Hisoka: Who are you into anyways?

Nagisa: I really like Satoshi.

Hisoka: Really?

Nagisa: He just so handsome, and oh my goodness he has a nice body. I would beg on my knees for a man like him.

Hisoka: He isn't easy to win over. He's really shy and doesn't know how to open up around people.

Nagisa: I want him so bad but I'm afraid he'll say no.

Hisoka: Just give him some time.

The next day. Urami cleans peoples houses and leaves.

Sofi: Hey Urami?!

Urami: Ready for another fight?

Sofi: I'm here to apologize.

Urami: What?

Sofi: I'm really sorry for bulling you. It was wrong and I shouldn't have done it. I feel really terrible.

Urami: Why did you hurt my feelings after all these years?

Sofi: I was jealous. I don't get a lot of attention from my fiancée so I don't know how to get some attention.

Urami: I still think it was wrong to bully me.

Sofi: (crying) I know it was wrong and I'm sorry. If I could take it all back I would but I cant. I wanna make it up. Be friends or at least accept my apology.

Urami: I accept your apology.

Sofi: Thanks.

Urami: Wanna eat some prisoner fruits with me? Maybe your fiancée may pay attention to you this time.

Sofi: (smiling) Okay.

They eat fruits.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 67- Lost brother

 Nagisa has started the mission to find a cure for Urami's kidney disease. They only have a couple of weeks left before she dies. Can they find her a doctor in time?

Urami: Hey Nagisa?

Nagisa: Yeah?

Urami: I don't feel well.

Satoshi lays her down.

Nagisa: She's burning up.

Nagisa cools her off with ice.

Urami: Have you guys found a hospital yet.

Nagisa: No but we will get you a doctor.

Urami: Okay.

Nagisa: We gotta keep going so we can go get you a doctor.

Urami: Okay.

They keep moving to look for a doctor.

Satoshi: Nagisa! Theres a hospital!

Nagisa: Lets take Urami there.

They take her in the hospital, but unfortunately no one was able to help her.

Nagisa: Let's look for another one.

They start looking for another one.

Nagisa: We gotta keep looking for another one.

Urami: Thank you for helping me Nagisa.

Nagisa: Your welcome.

Urami: I think what you're doing is really hot.

Nagisa: (smiling) And I think you are a really cool person.

Urami: Really?

Nagisa: Yeah.

Urami: That makes me really happy.

Lightning strikes at all four of them.

Nagisa: What was that?!

Sofi: You got a maid that belongs to me.

Nagisa: Look Urami is sick. Leave her alone.

Sofi: Who cares if she's sick. She's my bitch anyways.

Nagisa: (angry) Hey that is enough!

Sofi: I'll be taking her back so she can do all my chores.

Nagisa: Urami who is this person?

Urami: That's Sofi. She's the girl that bullies me.

Hisoka: I'll take care of this.  

Sofi: What?

Hisoka punches her in the face at full force and knocks her out.

Hisoka: Lets keep moving.

They move to the next hospital.

Nagisa: Can you please help my friend? She's dying and I really need someone to help her.

Doctor: I can check.

She checks her.

Nagisa: I she going be alright?

Doctor: She will be dead in less than a day. I'm very sorry.

Nagisa: But the last doctor I talked to said a couple of weeks.

Doctor: She is dying really quickly. She's very lucky to be living this.

Nagisa: So are you telling me that there is absolutely nothing you can do?

Doctor: I'm afraid not. I'm terribly sorry.

They leave.

Urami: Nagisa its okay. At least you tried.

Nagisa: (crying) It's not okay! I told Harue that I could find a cure to your disease and nothings changed.

Urami: Of course its changed you became my friend. Otherwise I would just be sad for the rest of my life.

Nagisa: (crying) I'm sorry I failed you okay?

Urami: It's okay. You made me happy enough by just meeting you. You showed me that the world isn't always bad. You being nice to me is pretty hot.

She hugs him.

Nagisa: (crying) It's not fair.

Urami hears two people arguing.

Sayomi: (angry) You got us lost again. This is all your fault!

Yukio: I told you already that I'm not good with directions.

Sayomi: I swear your directions are piss poor.

Yukio: Look give me a break here. I've been healing wounded soldiers all over the city. Don't be mean.

Sayomi: Fine.

Yukio: Oh hello. Why so sad?

Nagisa: (crying) My friend is dying.

Yukio: That's too bad. What's wrong with her?

Nagisa: She has kidney disease.

Yukio: I have a question. Do you believe in miracles?

Urami: Yes.

Yukio: Okay I'll help you. Sayomi help me set up the tent please.

Sayomi: Do it yourself.

Yukio: Fine be that way. I was gonna make you a good meal for tonight.

Sayomi: Give me a few minutes.

She sets up the tent.

Yukio: You really move fast when you want something.

He takes Urami inside the tent.

Yukio: Hold still. This is going to numb your body so you'll go to sleep and won't feel anything.

Urami: Okay.

He bites her neck.

Urami: (yelling)(blushing)

Yukio: It's going to hurt a little. Sorry.

Urami: (in thought) He bit my neck. That was so hot.

She falls asleep.

Yukio: This should be easy.

He opens up her body and removes her kidneys.

Sayomi: Wouldn't that kill her?

Yukio: No. The anesthesia last for 2 hours. Shes in a suspended animation. Once it wears off she'll wake up again.

Sayomi: What are you going to do then?

Yukio: Given her new organs. If I cure her old ones then there's a chance she may get the same disease again.

Sayomi: You can do that?

Yukio: I can create any new organ.

He creates new kidneys inside her body and closes her body back up.

Yukio: Her body is burning hot now. She wasn't feeling like this when she was dying.

Sayomi: So now what?

Yukio: She's disease free now. She never has to worry about kidney disease again. Now we wait for her to wake up.

2 hours later.

Urami: What happened?

Yukio: You've been cured.

Urami: Really?

Yukio: Yep. No more kidney disease.

Urami: (crying)(happy) Thank you so much.

They leave the tent.

Nagisa: Your skin isn't pale anymore.

Urami: He cured me.

Nagisa: I'm so glad for you!

Urami: (flirting) A doctor like him deserves a hot kiss.

She kiss him.

Nagisa: (confused) I'm so confused. You kissed me now him. Which one is it? Are you into men or women?

Urami: (giggling) It goes both ways for me. I flirt with both of them.

She kisses Nagisa.

Urami: Thank you for being there for me Nagisa. It was really hot.

Sofi shows up again.

Hisoka: Back for round two?

Urami: I'll take care of this.

Sofi: There's now way a low life genin can beat a chunin like me.

Urami: Wanna bet? I'm fired up and ready to blow off some steam!

Sofi: Take your best shot.

Urami: All right! I'm on fire!

She punches her and ignites her entire body.

Sofi: (gasping for air)

Urami: Time to show my colors and remember my way back!

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 66- Burning colors
  Nagisa has made a new friend named Urami. However she is dying from kidney disease and failure. She has a couple of weeks before she dies. Is there anyway to cure her disease?

Nagisa: We just ended up being friends, and you're already dying?

Urami: Yeah. (coughing)

Nagisa: Why didn't you mention this earlier?

Urami: I didn't think you'd understand. I've had this problem ever since I was a child.

Nagisa: There has to be a way to help you.

Urami: My flames are about to be put out. That's not hot at all.

Nagisa: What do you mean your flames are going out?

Urami: I'm a wisp. My mother was the one who met my dad. She got very jealous because so man women was around him. So she trapped him in a cage and decided not to let him out.

Nagisa: Well that's just wrong. She has no right to do that.

Urami: But she found out he was already dying. So she let him go.

Nagisa: Did your dad have kidney disease too?

Urami: He did.

Nagisa: Then how do you have this disease? Your a wisp.

Urami: I'm half human. So unfortunately what my dad has runs in the family.

Nagisa: I'm still confused. How were you even born?

Urami: Ghosts don't give birth the same way humans do. If the human is a female then a male ghost can pour spirit energy inside them, giving them the chances of being pregnant. But if the human is a male then a female ghost drains all their spirit energy out their body. It will give a female ghost a chance of having a child. However a human male has the chances of dying if all their spirit energy is taken away from them.

Nagisa: So what happened to your father?

Urami: He died since he had no spirit energy left. However my parents ended up being very happy. My dad didn't have to suffer from his disease anymore, and my mom fell in love with him. I was born as a spirit in a graveyard. After I was born my parents had to leave me.

Nagisa: Why?

Urami: They say that ghosts will go to heaven once their regrets are taken care of. They ended up with no regrets and Izanagi sent them to heaven. I couldn't go because my body was materializing into a human. So when I got older I wasn't just a spirit anymore. I was a wisp with my own human body. So I had to stay on earth with no one to be there for me.

Nagisa: That's really sad.

Urami: I would see people as couples and as families. Even people showing "love" to one another. I just got so angry and jealous I started to burn everything. But Minami was there and kept my flames going out of control.

Nagisa: Isn't she one of the four cardinal creatures?

Urami: Yes! I love her singing too! She has such a beautiful voice! They say that anyone that listens to her sing will calm down and be happy.

Nagisa: I actually met one of the four cardinals.

Urami: (surprised) You did?! Which one?!

Nagisa: Her name is Kimiko. The white tiger of the east.

Urami: I envy you so much. But I'm so glad I met you. I wish I could enjoy the things that other people like you are enjoying right now. But I'm dying, and no one cares about me.

She starts to cry.

Urami: (blushing)(crying) I mean seriously. Who would love a girl like me? I'm dying, every guy ignores me and goes for the other prettier girls, since I'm not "enough". Every pretty girl bullies me and calls me flat chested. I tried to get peoples respect as a maid and all they do is call me a whore. Apparently they think maids are prostitutes and should be mistreated. They always underpay me and do really mean things. I wish that I wish I could be beautiful as you are. You're like a goddess with diving beauty, and I'm just some unattractive girl that no one cares about.

Nagisa: Hey that's not true. If no one cared about you, then how would you have made a friend like me.

Urami: (crying) I wonder about that. If I were to die, would anyone care about me?

Nagisa: I would, and I just met you.

Urami: (crying) I just wish my life would be better. Maybe just one time at least.

Nagisa: Maybe a wish like that will happen. Just get some rest okay?

Urami: Okay.

She leaves and looks for Harue.

Harue: Are you looking for me?

Nagisa: How did you know?

Harue: I read your footsteps. Is there something you need?

Nagisa: Can I make my own mission sir?

Harue: Hm. That's unusual. Not many people do that. Anyways continue, what is the mission you want to do?

Nagisa: Its about Urami.

Harue: Oh her. Poor girl. She's suffering everyday and night.

Nagisa: What if I told you there is a way to cure her kidney disease?

Harue: You're kidding me right.

Nagisa: No. I actually know someone that can cure her illness.

Harue: You're willing to go far to help someone you just met?

Nagisa: Yes.

Harue: Very well then. This is your mission. Find a miracle for Urami's kidney disease.

Nagisa: Yes sir.

She leaves.

Hisoka: Oh hello Nagisa.

Nagisa: Hey guys I need your help.

Hisoka: Our help?

Nagisa: I started this mission and I need as much safety as possible.

Hisoka: Is the enemy tough?

Nagisa: Its not an enemy. I'm doing a big favor for Urami.

Hisoka: Are you trying to get her kidney disease cured?

Nagisa: Yeah. I need you and Satoshi's help.

Satoshi: So we look for Tomo and see if she can cure her?

Nagisa: Exactly.

Satoshi: Okay I'll help. I don't want her to die.

Hisoka: Me neither. I cant stand for her to suffer like this.

Nagisa: Okay take the lead Satoshi.

Satoshi: What do you mean?

Nagisa: You're a jonin so you're in charge right?

Satoshi: Not exactly. This is your mission so your in charge.

Nagisa: I guess I'll lead then.

They go back to the clinic.

Nagisa: Lets go Urami.

Urami: What are you talking about?

Nagisa: I'm going to get you cured. I know a person that can cure your disease.

Urami: Really?

Nagisa: Yeah.

Urami: That's really hot. Thank you.

Nagisa: I don't think I can eat all those prisoner fruits by myself. I was wondering if you could eat them with me.

Urami: (happy) I'd really like that.

Hisoka: You have prisoner fruits?

Nagisa: Yeah. Urami gave me like 30 of them.

Hisoka: You think it would be okay if I could have some? I would like to be more appealing to Shori.

Nagisa: Yeah you can have some.

Hisoka: (excited) Thank you.

Nagisa: Satoshi do you think you can carry Urami for me please?

Satoshi: Yes ma'am.

Nagisa: Okay lets go.

They go back to the city.

Shori: Nagisa why are you in a ninja uniform.

Nagisa: I got recruited as one.

Shori: (surprised) Really?! Congratulations!

Nagisa: Thanks.

Shori: Whose that girl with you?

Nagisa: This is Urami. We were going to ask you if you know where Tomo is.

Shori: She isn't here. She went to treat some wounded warriors up north.

Satoshi: What are we going to do?

Nagisa: We're going to have to visit every hospital we can until someone can take care of her. Lets go guys.

Hisoka: Master Shori. I'll see you again soon okay.

She kisses him.

Shori: Okay. Be safe okay?

Hisoka: Yes sir.

They leave.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 65- Smoldered wisp


  After the mission was complete, Harue recruited Nagisa to be a mercenary ninja. She started off as a trainee and after her test she was handed a green scarf as a genin. Afterwards she chooses Satoshi as a private jonin. How will she fit in with the other ninjas?

Satoshi: How about I make you lunch just to celebrate you as a new ninja?

Nagisa: Oh you don't have to do that.

Satoshi: No. I insist.

Nagisa: (smiling) Okay.

He makes her lunch.

Hisoka: I didn't think you had so much talent.

Nagisa: I never got to share it with anyone.

Hisoka: Just remember that you are always welcome here.

Nagisa: Thanks Hisoka.

Everyone stares at her.

Nagisa: Why is everyone staring at me?

Hisoka: They always do that to the new ninja.

Nagisa: Did I do something wrong?

Hisoka: No they probably like you. I guess the mission you did and the test really caught their interest. Also the fact that being pretty is catching their attention too.

Everyone starts giving her gifts.

Nagisa: Oh thank you guys.

A kunoichi gives her flowers.

Urami: (blushing)(smiling) I have some flowers for you. I really hope you like them.

Nagisa: They're really nice.

Urami: (blushing) I was wondering.

Nagisa: What is it?

Urami: (blushing) I'm sorry I'm just really nervous.

Nagisa: Take your time. No rush.

Urami: (blushing) I think you're really cute. So I was wondering if I could kiss you.

Nagisa: (blushing) Oh wow. I wasn't expecting that. I'm into men not women, so I don't know how that would work.

Urami: (blushing) If you don't want to then that's fine. I won't bother you about it.

Nagisa: Hey Satoshi is the food ready yet.

Satoshi: Not yet.

Nagisa: Can we make room for one more person to eat?

Satoshi: Sure.

Nagisa: Thank you.

She kisses him.

Urami: It's not a problem isn't it?

Nagisa: I guess one time wont hurt.

They kiss.

Urami: (in thought) Her lips are really soft, and I felt her tongue. That was really hot.

Nagisa: Was that okay?

Urami: (smiling) I really liked it.

Nagisa: I'm Nagisa.

Urami: I'm Urami.

Nagisa: You look like a really nice person.

Urami: (happy) Really? You think so?

Nagisa: Yeah.

Urami: Hey are you a mermaid?

Nagisa: How did you know?

Urami: You got seashells covering your boobies.

Nagisa: (embarrassed) Oh.

Urami: I'm sorry if I'm embarrassing you.

Nagisa: No its fine.

Urami: I'm a maid. So if you need any kind a service then I'll be happy to help you.

Nagisa: What do you do?

Urami: I do a lot of cooking and cleaning. I also do spa treatments.

Nagisa: Why is a genin like you doing that kind of stuff?

Urami: I'm not good at missions. I fail and people make of me.

Satoshi: Food is ready.

They eat.

Nagisa: I'm interested in your spa treatment.

Urami: You want me to give you spa treatments?

Nagisa: Of course.

Urami: Okay.

They finish eating.

Urami: Come on lets go.

She takes her to the spa and sit in the hot tub.

Urami: So we can do bathing or massaging.

Nagisa: We can do both if you like.

She looks at her chest.

Urami: Are those real?

Nagisa: Yes.

Urami: I'm actually jealous.

Nagisa: Why?

Urami: I wish I had a body like yours.

Nagisa: (blushing)(laughing) You just made my day.

Urami: Let me bathe you.

She bathes her.

Urami: Is that a scar on your back?

Nagisa: Oh this black spot? That's natural. I'm a koi fish.

Urami: Those are so pretty.

She washes her hair.

Urami: Are you ready for your massage?

Nagisa: Sure. (in thought) I thought she was going to be weird, but she's really nice.

Urami: I hope you like your massage.

Nagisa: I love it.

Urami: I have another gift for you.

Nagisa: Really?

Urami: I think you're really pretty. You think I can make you prettier?

Nagisa: You don't think I'm pretty?

Urami: No no I mean what if I made you look sexier? I can make you so beautiful that everyone will want you.

Nagisa: Okay. What do you have for me?

Urami: These are called prisoner fruits. If you eat them then they will make you prettier and more attractive. However they are very addictive.

Nagisa: How much are they?

Urami: You can have them. It's all in the house.

She gives her the fruits.

Urami: I really like you, so I'll do anything just to be your friend.

Nagisa: Don't you want to eat some of these?

Urami: I don't need them. If you need anything then ask. I'll take care of your laundry for you.

She does her laundry. Moments later she finishes her laundry.

Urami: I finished your laundry.

Nagisa: Oh thank you. Are you okay?

Urami: I'm fine. I just...need some.

She falls to the ground.

Nagisa: Hey Urami? Are you okay?

Urami: (breathing hard) I'm fine.

She gets lightheaded.

Nagisa: You don't look well.

Urami: Please don't worry about me i'm alr-

She gets nauseous.

Urami: (vomiting)

She collapses to the ground.

Nagisa: Urami!

She takes her to a doctor.

Urami: Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

She passes out.

Doctor: Just lay her on the bed.

Nagisa: Um doctor? I she going to be okay?

Doctor: Nope. She has kidney disease.

Nagisa: Is their anyway to cure her?

Doctor: There aren't any cures?

Nagisa: How long does she have left to live?

Doctor: Not very long. Maybe a couple more weeks. Then she'll die.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 64- Unlit candle
  Satoshi and Nagisa have found the hidden prison under the sea. They float the ship back up to the surface and sail off with the ship. However the enemy is near to attack them. Who or what is it?

Satoshi: The enemy is around us.

They see something circle around them.

Nagisa: Something is in the water.

A hydra pops out the water.

Satoshi: What is that?!

Nagisa: Thats are hydra.

Satoshi: Whats a hydra?!

Nagisa: Serpent like creatures that live in Greece. But why are they over here?!

Satoshi: There's so many of them!

Nagisa: What ever you do don't let them bite you or hit you with their claws. If that happens you will be poisoned.

Satoshi: I'm an Oni so I'm immune to poison.

Nagisa: Okay even better. What ever you do, don't cut their heads off. They can regrow heads and will make them even madder. So be very careful.

Someone watches them from a distance.

Harue: No. Don't do anything.

Hisoka: But Master Harue.

Harue: I wanna see what the mermaid has up her sleeve. This woman has potential.

Satoshi: Are you ready?

Nagisa: Yeah.

They run straight at the hydra.

Satoshi: I'll give you a boost.

He boosts her high in the air.

Nagisa: Shaolin technique. Iron ball kick.

She slams a kick straight to the head.

Hydra: (screeching)

The hydra swings is tail at her.

Satoshi: Nagisa!

Nagisa: I'm fine. (coughing blood)

Satoshi draws his sword.

Satoshi: Are you hurt?

Nagisa: I'm hurt pretty bad but I can still fight.

Satoshi: Good I wanna try something out. Is there anything else you know?

Nagisa: I have a trump card.

Satoshi: What is your trump card?

Nagisa: I have another Susanoo storm.

Satoshi: You have another one? I thought you only had the rainstorm.

Nagisa: I'm sorry I lied to you. It was supposed to be kept secret. But in situations like this I have to use it. We don't know how many of these hydras are here. This whole ocean may be infested with hydras.

Satoshi: I have a trump card too. I can share it with you if you like.

Nagisa: I don't mind.

More hydras pop out the water.

She gets into her Shikko form and turns into a Mizuchi.

Note: A Mizuchi is a aquatic dragon or a serpent like creature. They can spew out venom, poison and kill many enemies.

Satoshi gets him his shikko form.

Satoshi: (angry)(yelling) Feral Akuma!

Note: This taps the users mind to go berserk and rampage while intimidating enemies.

He shares the power with Nagisa.

Nagisa: Susanoo's snowstorm.

Its starts snowing and freezes the ocean.

Satoshi: Lets go.

She shares her ice abilities with him.

Satoshi: Lets try this one more time!

Nagisa: Alright!

He throws her to the hydra again.

Nagisa: (angry)(rampaging) Susanoo's snowstorm! Sheer cold kick!

She kicks the hydras head and freezes it.

Satoshi: (angry)(rampaging) Oni's blizzard! Akuma's frostbite!

He charges at the hydras.

Satoshi: (angry)(glaring)

He turns it to ice and slices the entire body in half.

Harue: Very impressive. Hisoka did you know these two could use this incredible power?

Hisoka: No sir I did not.

Harue: This girl. It's like she already has the instincts as a ninja. IT's like no one needs to tell her anything.

Nagisa starts kicking every head and freezes them to death.

Satoshi: Last one!

Nagisa kicks the last on in the head, and Satoshi slices it in half.

Nagisa: I think that's all of them.

Satoshi: They should be dead.

Nagisa: I froze the ocean so all the hydras can freeze to death.

Satoshi: Looks like this mission will have to go on foot.

They free the slaves and the walk on the frozen ocean.

Hours later they walk onto shore.

Satoshi: This is the rendezvous point. The rescue and medical team will take care of you from here.

Slave: Thank you for saving us.

They leave.

Harue: A word with both of you please.

Satoshi: Master Harue.

Harue: Who is this girl that's with you? She is not a ninja.

Satoshi: I'm sorry! I broke the rule of allying with a civilian! Please forgive me!

Harue: I don't care about the rule. I asked who is she?

Satoshi: Her name is Nagisa. She is my friend that helped volunteer with the mission.

Harue: I never knew how much potential you two had. I'm very impressed.

He pays both of them.

Harue: So your name is Nagisa?

Nagisa: Yes sir.

Harue: My name is Harue. There is something I want from you.

Nagisa: You want something from me?

Harue: Yes. I would like for you to become a mercenary recruit you as a ninja.

Nagisa: You want me to be a ninja? But what if I'm not good enough to be one?

Harue: Young lady. You have enough potential to become one. I've seen enough of what you're capable of.

He hands her a yellow scarf.

Harue: The choice is yours. I think you are well worthy in becoming a ninja.

Nagisa: (in thought) Do I really have what it takes?

Harue: If you are willing to give it a try. Then I'll let you do a test at one of my dojo's tomorrow morning.

He leaves.

Satoshi: What will you do?

Nagisa: That's a very drastic change. Do you think I can do it?

Satoshi: If you can take out dozens of hydras. Then I think that makes you worthy of being a ninja.

Nagisa: Alright. I'll give it a shot tomorrow morning.

They camp for the night. The next morning she goes to dojo to take the test.

Ninja: Here is your uniform.

She goes to the changing room and changes.

Harue: I see you showed up.

Nagisa: I accept your request.

Harue: This is a survival test. 70% Of the yellow scarfed trainees has failed this test. They either die, give up, seriously injured, or they run out of time. If you failed this test, you will be a trainee for 2 years. If you passed this test, you will immediately be promoted as a genin. Are you ready for the test?

Nagisa: Yes sir.

Harue: Lets get started.

Outside the dojo.

Hisoka: What's the matter Satoshi?

Satoshi: I'm worried about her safety.

Hisoka: I'm sure she'll be fine.

Satoshi: What if she doesn't pass.

Hisoka: Have faith in her okay. Give her a chance.

Satoshi: Yes miss Hisoka.

30 minutes passes by.

Harue: The test is over.

Hisoka: How did she do?

Harue: Where did you find this girl Satoshi?

Satoshi: I met her in Kyoto. She is Shori Mizusashi's shinwa assistant.

Harue: What she did was unbelievable. I've never seen a ninja besides Hisoka, especially a female pass a test in 28 minutes.

Satoshi: She passed?!

Harue: Yes.

Hisoka: She was close to mine. Mine was 19 minutes.

Nagisa: Hi guys.

Satoshi: Congratulations.

Harue: I will allow you to pick any jonin partner you want.

Nagisa: I personally would like Satoshi to be my partner. May I be your partner please?

Satoshi: Absolutely.

She hugs him and starts to cry.

Nagisa: (crying) Thank you so much. I didn't think I would be worth to show any skills to anyone. Thanks for giving me the chance and the opportunity to show my talent.

Satoshi: That's what friends are for.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 63- Promoted friend



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