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So for those who don't know what Infinite crown is, it is a fanfic of mine that I've made a year ago. I've been looking at the views and a few of these chapters keep getting over 100 views. Really surprised to see that because my other fanfics didn't go that high until a year or so. Pretty mindblowing because the last chapter of infinite crown was two months ago. That one has 158 views right now. So I'm going to finish the fights in the chapters and make some funny stuff in pokemon. Catch you later guys :D


  During Akiyo's past, he has met an outsider from Egypt named Layla. She is a princess who wants to find her land and make her own kingdom. She was later on deceived along by Narumi by a boy named Sadao. How will Akiyo handle this situation?

Akiyo: Don't worry I'll get you guys to Zhara.

Layla: I don't understand. What did we do wrong?

Narumi: He's a traitor! How dare he do this to his own kind!

They get to Zhara.

Zhara: (worried) Oh no! What happened to these two?!

Akiyo: (pissed off) Someone fed them grapes.

Zhara: Girls you can't eat those. That's poisonous!

Narumi: I didn't know.

Akiyo leaves.


Sadao shows up.

Sadao: Who are you calling fleashit?

Akiyo: (angry) You!

He punches him.

Akiyo: You mistreat people!

He kicks him.

Sadao: Pathetic.

He claws him in the chest.

Akiyo: (coughing blood)

Akiyo grabs him by the neck.

Akiyo: Stop hurting people!

He punches him in the stomach.

Sadao: (gasping for air)

Akiyo gets in a stance.

Narumi: This kid is getting serious!

Akiyo: Moonlit tree!

He breaks his arms and dislocates them.

Sadao: A technique only used by the Tsukioka.

Narumi: He's in the second stance. (in thought) I can tell he cant properly use it. So why is he using it.

Akiyo starts punching him.

Akiyo: Stop hurting people! They have as much feelings as you do!

He uppercuts him.

Narumi: Hey be careful! He's going to grudge if you do that!

Sadao: That's it! I'M SICK OF YOU!!!

He relocates his arms.


Sadao: Tigers yin! Passive grudge!

All his claws pierces his heart.

Akiyo: (coughing blood)

Narumi: (crying) Stop hurting him!

He grabs his neck and starts slamming his face to a tree.

Zhara: (crying) Poor guy. He doesn't deserve this.

Narumi: (crying) Why is a human like him defending us.

Layla: Akiyo stop! (crying) Don't fight anymore. You proved your point.

A group of tigers show up.

Sadao: That'll teach you.

He walks off.

Akiyo: Get over here!

He grabs his foot and gets up.

Akiyo: Fleashit!

He headbutts him.

Sadao: Die already!

Akiyo slaps him.

Sadao: I said die!

He claws him in the stomach.

Layla starts to enrage.

Zhara: Layla please calm down!

Layla: No!

She gets up.

Layla: (enraged)(berserk)(crying) NO!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

She walks up to Sadao.

Layla: (enraged)(crying) Leave him the fuck alone!

She punches him in the face.

Sadao: (coughing blood)(in thought) She set my whole organs on fire! She is not a jackal!

Zhara: We need to get away from her fast.

Narumi: What's happening to her?!

Zhara: She's bringing forth the flames of hell.

Layla: (enraged)(crying) I TOLD YOU TO STOP AND YOU REFUSE?! HOW DARE YOU!!!

Layla goes into berserk mode emitting everything into flames. Her fur turns darker than black, eyes turning red with the intent to kill.

Layla: (enraged)(crying) LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!

Narumi: These flames are getting hotter and hotter! Make it stop!

Zhara: I don't know how to calm her down! Hellhounds can't be tamed!


Layla: (enraged)(crying) You called me ugly!

He punches him.

Sadao: (vomiting blood)

Layla: (enraged)(crying) Fed me grapes! AND YOU HURT AKIYO!!! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!

She grabs him and slings him straight towards the tree.

Sadao: (crying) I'm sorry. I won't mess with you again. Please stop.

Layla: (enraged)(crying) Shut the hell up.

She punches him nonstop.

Layla: (enraged)(crying)

Sadao: (crying) I'm sorry. Just don't hurt me anymore. I promise I'll never hurt you guys again.

She keeps punching him. One of the tigers tries to help him.

Layla: (enraged)(crying)(glaring) GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!! OR I'LL TRY TO KILL YOU NEXT!!!

The tiger backs away from her.

Akiyo slowly gets up and stops her.

Akiyo: He's had enough. Don't hurt him anymore. Please?

She stops.

Zhara: (surprised) Unbelievable. She listened to him?

She calms down and the flames go away.

Narumi: What just happened?

Zhara: Akiyo just created history. So unbelievable that not even the gods could calm her down.

Narumi: What did he do?

Zhara: He is the first man in history to control a hellhound.

Layla: (crying) Are you okay? I'm sorry you had to see that, but I got so angry. It was tearing me apart.

Akiyo: He's learned his lesson. Don't hurt him anymore.

Layla: (crying) Fine. But I will never forgive him. Got that?

Akiyo: That's fine.

All the tigers leave and they take Sadao away.

Zhara: What are you a god?

Akiyo: I don't know about being a god. All I did is asked nicely.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 76- Egyptian princess (3)
   Akiyo falls asleep and ponders about the girl he loves. He mentions about a girl named Layla that hates him for some reason. But why?

Akiyo: (in thought) If only if I didn't make that mistake. Would you still hate me if you didn't?

He dreams 8 years from the past.

Akiyo put flowers on his mothers grave.

Akiyo: I know I never met you before but I'm sure you were an amazing mother. Just giving birth to me is good enough.

He starts to cry.

Akiyo: (crying)(smiling) Because of you I know what its like to be a Tsukioka. I'm going to be an assassin just like you one day. Just you wait.

He leaves.

Jirou: Hey are you okay?

Akiyo: Yeah I'm fine. Just visiting my mother.

Jirou: What happened?

Akiyo: She died from childbirth.

Jirou: I'm sorry to hear that.

Akiyo: I'll see you around.

Akiyo leaves and sees a Jackal.

Akiyo: (in thought) What's a Jackal doing here? I thought they lived in Egypt.

He greets himself.

Akiyo: Hello jackal.

Layla: How did you know that I'm a jackal?

Akiyo: Jackals don't live in Japan. So that makes you a gajin.

Layla: A what?

Akiyo: Means you are an outsider from somewhere else.

Layla: (irritated) You got a problem with outsiders?

Akiyo: Other people may, but I don't. Seeing the same race over and over again can get boring sometimes. I like something to be unique.

Layla: What makes you think I'm unique?

Akiyo: Japanese girls would envy you. First off you are a foreign visitor, second would be you have darker skin. Having a tannish brown skin would make them jealous.

Layla: What else would they be jealous about?

Akiyo: Those.

Layla: Why would they be jealous of my breasts?

Akiyo: A lot of Japanese women don't have breasts like yours. I would bother them, especially your age.

Layla: (blushing) I'm only 12 years old. I can't help the fact they're so big.

Akiyo: My names Akiyo.

Layla: I'm Layla.

Akiyo: Are you a princess?

Layla: I am a princess from Egypt. I'm way out your league so don't bother.

Akiyo: I'm a prince of the Tsukioka clan.

Layla: Really now?

Akiyo: Yes. By the way why are you here?

Layla: As a princess I wanna claim my land and build a kingdom here. I'm traveling.

Akiyo: Japan is a nice place.

Layla: See you someday. One day I'll become a queen and claim my land here.

She leaves.

Sadao: See this "princess" Narumi?

Narumi: Yes.

Sadao: Who does she think she is? Trying to claim our land.

Narumi: Its my territory.

Narumi confronts Layla.

Narumi: Off my territory.

Layla: I'm am the princess of Egypt. I will one day claim my land here.

Sadao: Hey bitch. Off our land.

Layla: (mad) How dare you call me that!

He hits her.

Sadao: I don't care if you are a princess. Go back to your own country you ugly mutt.

Layla: (blushing) I'm not ugly!

Sadao: Yeah right. Look at your skin. I don't which is ugly you or the mud.

Layla: (embarrassed)

Sadao: If that is what an African looks like then they're the ugliest people I've ever seen.

Layla: (crying)(blushing) You're wrong! I'm not ugly!

She slaps him. Sadao punches her in the face and pushes her in the mud.

Sadao: Lets go Narumi.

They leave.

Narumi: I could've handled that myself. She wasn't doing anything wrong.

Sadao: I don't like her. Trying to take my territory.

Narumi: You owe her an apology. Apologize now.

Sadao: No you damn fleabag.

Narumi punches him in the face.

Narumi: If you ever call me that again, your jaw will be broken.

Sadao leaves.

Zahra: (worried) Princess Layla are you okay?!

Layla: (crying) No.

Zahra: Come on. Lets get you back to the ship.

She takes her back to the ship. They find Akiyo as Zahra confronts her.

Zahra: Hey you! Did you make the princess cry?!

Akiyo: No. What happened to her?

Zahra: If you didn't do it then who did it?

Akiyo: I don't know. What happened?

Layla: Some tigers bullied me and pushed me in mud.

Akiyo: (sigh) It's those tigers again. They always get territorial about this area.

Zahra: What do you mean?

Akiyo: They hate it when people step on their land.

Zhara: Why aren't they messing with you?

Akiyo: I've been here longer than they have.

Zhara: Just don't give us any trouble.

Akiyo: I won't hurt you. If you guys need a place to stay then you can go to my house and stay there.

Zhara: Princess? May I please go stay at his house?

Layla: I don't want to sleep in a ship for another day. I guess its fine as long as he doesn't cause trouble.

Zhara: Thank you.

She flies off.

Akiyo: They really did a number on you huh?

Layla: Yeah.

Akiyo: You know there is a bathhouse for animals. Why not get yourself cleaned up?

Layla: Okay.

She goes to the bathhouse.

Narumi shows up.

Layla: Oh its you again.

Narumi: I owe you a huge apology. I'm really sorry.

Layla: It's okay.

Narumi: He went out of line. There was no need for that.

Layla: He really hurt my feelings.

Narumi: Are you really Egyptian?

Layla: Yes. Is there something wrong?

Narumi: No. I just like the fact its unique. By the way are peoples skin always like this in Egypt?

Layla: Some of them. Not always.

Narumi: I like the texture.

Layla: Thank you.

Narumi: Can I touch your hair?

Layla: Why?

Narumi: Just curious.

She touches her hair.

Narumi: It's completely different. It's not like Japanese hair.

Layla: I figured it would be different.

Narumi: We can bathe together if you want.

Layla: (smiling) Okay.

They bathe together.

Narumi: Let me wash your hair.

Layla: (smiling) You just like my hair.

Narumi: Look at you. You are so beautiful.

Layla: (blushing)(smiling) Thanks.

Narumi: May I groom you?

Layla: Of course.

Narumi starts licking her fur.

Layla: I was wrong about Japanese. Not all of them are bad.

Narumi: Of course not. I would never mistreat anyone like that. Also because I love dogs and wolves.

Layla gets emotional.

Layla: (smiling)(crying) Thanks.

Narumi: You are very welcome.

Layla: Do you know Akiyo by any chance?

Narumi: Who's Akiyo?

Layla: He's supposed to be a prince. To some royal family.

Narumi: Oh him. I never knew his name. He's very nice. I never get hostile over him.

Layla: Why not?

Narumi: He's really nice. He treats animals very nicely.

She finishes grooming her.

Layla: By the way I'm Layla.

Narumi: I'm Narumi.

Layla: I never meet a tigress before.

Narumi: Same goes for a Jackal.

Layla: Thanks for grooming me Narumi.

Narumi: I actually got you a kimono you can wear.

Layla: Why a kimono?

Narumi: So you can fit in with us in Japan.

Layla: I still don't get why I'm being mistreated.

Narumi: Because they are jealous of you. Not to mention your breasts are as big as mine. That's not normal for our age. So it just discourages other girls because they wish they were more attractive.

They both get dressed and leave the bathhouse.

Sadao shows up.

Sadao: I wanted to apologize for what I've done. So I wanted to make it up to you by giving you some fruits.

Layla: Thanks.

Narumi: You better behave yourself.

Both Layla and Narumi eats grapes.

Layla: (breathing hard)(barking)

Narumi: (hissing)

Sadao: That's for pissing me off. Bitch.

He walks off.

Layla: (whimpering)

They both suffer from eating grapes.

Note: Grapes are poisonous to dogs and cats.

Akiyo comes back from fishing.

Akiyo: (worried) Hey are you two okay?

Narumi: (crying) No.

Akiyo: What happened?

Narumi: We ate something and now its harming our body.

Akiyo looks in the basket and finds grapes.

Akiyo: Let me get you a vet.

Layla: Take us to Zhara. She's a vet.

Akiyo puts them in a cart and takes them to his house.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 75- Egyptian princess (2)
  An assassin named Li Juan escapes from prison and attempts to kill one of the carnages known as Hajime. Her mind taps in to hungering serpent and gets ready to kill and eat Hajime.

Li Juan: I cant stand you damn carnages. You all piss me off.

Hajime: Not sure what you're talking about.


She runs straight at him.

Kosumi: She's really fast.

Narumi: Unbelievable speed.

Hajime: As long as I can keep my distance I can- (coughing blood)

She pierces him with her sword.

Li Juan: What's the matter? Too strong for you?

Hajime: (in thought) This woman. She's on a whole different level than her father.

Li Juan: If you didn't kill my father I wouldn't have had any reason to kill you.

He draws his sword.

Hajime: What the hell.

He coughs up venom.

Hajime: (coughing)(breathing hard)

Hajime: What the hell did you do?!

Li Juan: The sword I stabbed you with. It's no ordinary sword.

Kosumi: How dangerous is she?

Akiyo: There's venom embedded in her swords. If you touch or get hit by her swords then you could get poisoned.

Kosumi: She must very venomous.

Akiyo: Her poison is mild. It would take more than one strike to poison someone. But unluckily for him he's been poisoned.

Kosumi: You must really know a lot about this samurai.

Akiyo: She's not a samurai.

Kosumi: How do you know?

Akiyo: She doesn't follow bushido code. She's an ordinary swordsman that learned samurai techniques. My guess is someone taught her these techniques or she smuggled her way into Japan and stole it.

Li Juan: I am a proud warrior from my country. You underestimated my family too much.

They start fighting.

Kosumi: They are going at it!

Hajime cuts her.


She heavily cuts his chest.

Hajime: (yelling)

She pulls out her second sword.

Hajime: You have to go that far huh?

Li Juan: I couldn't call myself a snake if I didn't have two swords. My swords are like my fangs.

Kosumi: Even as a snake, she's literally fighting like her own species.

Li Juan gets in a snake stance.

Akiyo: Oh shit its getting serious. We need to back up.

They back away.

They continue fighting.

Li Juan: So how's that poison treating you?

Hajime: (sarcastic) Oh its wonderful.

Li Juan: (evil smile) I bet it is.

They both stab each other.

Li Juan: Come on. What are you waiting for? Kill me already.

She pushes her swords deeper into his chest.

Li Juan: Die bitch.

She pulls her swords out of him and walks off.

Li Juan: Pathetic. And you call yourself a carnage.

He sneaks up behind her and stabs her.

Li Juan: What a desperate attempt.

She kicks him in the face.

Li Juan: You could have taken the easy way out. Now its too late.

She gets back in her snake stance and jabs him.

Hajime: I can't move my body!

Li Juan: I froze your body. Keep struggling and break an arm or leg off.

She takes a few steps back and sticks her swords to the ground.

Li Juan: You are about to see how ruthless I can get. She walks off.

Akiyo: Its over. The next blow will be the last.

Kosumi: Where is she going?

Narumi: She's all the way up in Mt Fuji.

She catches a tailwind and glides up in the air.

Akiyo: She can fly?!

She glides straight down at Hajime at full speed.


Akiyo: She coming in hot!

Li Juan: (yelling)

She grabs her swords and lunges at him at full force.

Li Juan: Zhìmìng de dúyè!

Note: This is one of Li Juan's most fatal techniques. One sword is aimed at the stomach as the other one is aimed at the heart. It spreads the venom all over the targets body and kills them.

She stabs his stomach and heart.

Hajime: (in thought) I lost.

Li Juan: Pathetic.

Hajime dies as Li Juan kills him in cold blood.

Akiyo: That was so awesome!

Li Juan: Looks like I have to kill you too.

Akiyo: Whoa whoa! I'm on your side!

Li Juan: How can you prove that?

Akiyo: I was gonna free you until you busted out that prison in Mt Fuji.

Li Juan: Why would a filthy Japanese like you free me?

Akiyo: I need your help.

Li Juan: With what?

Akiyo: Project carnage. I'm assassinating all carnages. I just killed one a few days ago known as savage.

Li Juan: You killed that psycho?

Akiyo: Yep. Then I ate her.

Li Juan: Well good for you.

Akiyo: Will you help us?

Li Juan: No. As a matter of fact, I'm going to kill you right here right now.

She lunges at Akiyo and attacks him.

Akiyo catches her swords.

Li Juan: You idiot. Touching my swords will poison you. You even observed that.

Akiyo: I'm immune. I can't get poisoned.

Li Juan: What?!

He kicks her in the chin.

Li Juan: (in thought) He's nothing to mess around with. He's different from Hajime.

Akiyo starts messing around and starts dancing.

Narumi: Akiyo gets serious.

Akiyo: Oh I am. I'm on fire!

Narumi: Stop messing around!

Akiyo: Here we GOOOOOOOO!!!!

His energy explodes in hyper mode.

Akiyo: (yelling) Here I go!

Li Juan: Where is he?!

Akiyo punches her in the face.

Li Juan swings at him and misses. Akiyo flips over and kicks her behind her head.

Li Juan: You little bitch!

She keeps swinging and Akiyo takes her swords.

Akiyo: Looking for these?

Li Juan: Give me my swords back!

Akiyo: Okay.

He plants them to the ground.

Akiyo: Come get them.

She jabs him.

Akiyo: That's it?

Li Juan: (in thought) He's immune to pressure points too?!

She kicks him.

Akiyo: Nice kick.

Li Juan: Shut up.

Akiyo dodges her jab and handstands on her swords.

Akiyo: Do you like my kicks?

He starts kicking her face.

He backflips away from her.

Li Juan: (angry) You dare make fun of me?!

She swings her sword and cuts him.

Li Juan: Is this how your mother raised you?

Akiyo sits down.

Kosumi: Akiyo what are you doing?

Akiyo: I'm offended. Apologize.

Li Juan: Hell no!

Akiyo: Now!

Li Juan: I'm not apologizing to some stupid Japanese flea cat. So-

Akiyo punches her in the face.

Li Juan: (couching blood)


Li Juan: Snakes spear!

He dodges it.

Akiyo raises his hyper mode.

Akiyo: (focusing)

Li Juan: (in thought) What is he doing?

Akiyo disappears.

Li Juan: Where did he go?

Akiyo appears in front of her face and punches her.

Li Juan: (yelling)

Akiyo: Tsukiyomi's reflection.

He discovers a secret from Li Juan.

Akiyo: You're coming with us.

Li Juan: No I'm not.

She whips up a blizzard.

Li Juan: I don't ally with Japanese.

She swings hers swords at him.

Akiyo: Shes moving faster.

Li Juan cuts him, but Akiyo punches her.

Kosumi: Akiyo go into predator mode.

Akiyo: I can't right now. I ate Savage.

Li Juan gets distracted.

Li Juan: (in thought) He ate Savage?

Akiyo: Its over.

He lands the final blow and ignites her body.

Li Juan: (yelling)(burning)

She falls down.

Akiyo: Your ice powers aren't cold enough for my flames. You've lost.

Li Juan: S-shut up. I can still fight.

She slowly gets up and walks over to him.

Akiyo: Its over. You're coming with us.

She passes out.

2 hours later she wakes up.

Akiyo: Hello.

Li Juan: You piss me off.

She walks off.

Akiyo: What are you doing?

Li Juan: I'm hungry.

She taps into predator mode and eats Hajime.

Akiyo: That was a good fight.

Li Juan: Shut up.

Akiyo: So what's your name?

Li Juan: Why does a flea cat like you wanna know?

Akiyo: Because I think you're really pretty.

Li Juan: Someone's desperate. No wonder your single.  

Akiyo: Are you single?

Li Juan: (lying) No.

Akiyo: Your lying Sheng nu.

Li Juan: (blushing) DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!

Note: Sheng nu means leftover women in Chinese. This is usually what a woman is called if she doesn't have a boyfriend or husband.

Akiyo: It's not my fault your single.

Li Juan: I can see why your single too. You piss people off. I bet you cant get one girl to be your girlfriend.

Akiyo: I hope so.

Li Juan: Whatever fleabag. I bet there isn't one girl you even have a crush on.

Akiyo: Actually I do. I admire her a lot.

Li Juan: Yeah right.

Akiyo: She's in Egypt right now. She a princess to a pharaoh that passed away.

Li Juan: Whatever.

Akiyo: I'm not gonna bore you with my story so see you later.

He leaves.

Narumi: How are your wounds?

Akiyo: I'm fine. Thanks for disinfecting them.

Narumi: You're welcome.

Akiyo: What if I told you that I'm in love with someone else?

Narumi: You are in love with someone else including me?

Akiyo: Yeah.

Narumi: Who is it?

Akiyo: Her name is Layla.

Narumi: That doesn't sound Japanese.

Akiyo: She's Egyptian.

Narumi: Interesting.

Akiyo: She probably still doesn't like me.

Narumi: Then why do you love her so much?

Akiyo: Because she's just as beautiful as you are.

Narumi: Oh.

Akiyo: I'm going to sleep.

He falls asleep.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 74- Egyptian princess (1)
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So for those who don't know what Infinite crown is, it is a fanfic of mine that I've made a year ago. I've been looking at the views and a few of these chapters keep getting over 100 views. Really surprised to see that because my other fanfics didn't go that high until a year or so. Pretty mindblowing because the last chapter of infinite crown was two months ago. That one has 158 views right now. So I'm going to finish the fights in the chapters and make some funny stuff in pokemon. Catch you later guys :D
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Maroon 5
  • Playing: Pokemon alpha sapphire
  • Eating: Taco bell
  • Drinking: Monster
I haven't made a journal in like 4 months lol. I'm fine guys. A lot of stuff went down with my friends and family and I had to put up with so much of it. I still do as a matter of fact. So recently I have been isolating myself from all the stress Ive been putting up with. Sorry about that.

So what has Otaku (Graffiti) been doing?

Been working and playing video games. Also trying to go back to school.

Will I still play pokemon online? The answer is no and I'll tell you why. The reason why I'm not playing online anymore is because I find the matches too boring and easy. Plus there are a lot of people who wont fight me because of my pokemon. No I don't use legendaries and I don't always use OU pokemon. But I have pokemon that are too OP and I just think way outside the box.

However I just bought a ps4 about 2 days ago. So if anyone has a ps4 and wants to add me then my name is Casual_Otaku. I'm always playing destiny on the Ps4 so yeah. I think if im not mistaken you can record your matches and post them on Facebook and stuff. I remember Overload doing that. So If you wanna see some gameplay I'll upload it.

So yeah. I'm probably going to draw a tigress and make some pokemon parodies.

Catch you later guys :D

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Happy Birthday my little Boss!!!! :heart: :hug: :tighthug: :glomp: :huggle: :squee: :happybounce: i'm sorry i don't have a gift for you my bb ;____;
TheZero759 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Happy Birthday!!
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ImRandall Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Student Photographer

Very happy birthday.. I hope you have a wonderful day :dummy: :hug:

lelatopuria Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy B-Day!
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